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Tooth Lures a Fang is Zach Starkie, Nic Pater, and John Kathman. They play dynamic garage rock with an emphasis on satisfying vocal harmonies and progressive elements to make them stand out from other garage rock bands. By focusing on intricate and thoughtful songwriting, they preserve a song's integrity over the tropes of the genre."Tooth Lures a Fang falls in the “lo-fi” category, but on Sharon is Karen (which Pater engineered, mixed and mastered), the raw recording element is

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Tooth Lures a Fang - "Spider" at MOTR Pub 

Check out a crowd favorite, "Spider" from MOTR Pub on January 2, 2020!

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Video Premiere: Tooth Lures a Fang - “So Many Strangers” 

Tooth Lures a Fang is excited to announce the release of "So Many Strangers," the second video from their 2018 release, Sharon is Karen.

Tooth Lures a Fang - First Single and Video from New Album 

Today, we’re excited to share the first single and video from Tooth Lures a Fang’s new full-length, Sharon is Karen, releasing on Lo Fi City this June. 

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Tooth Lures a Fang at SGHR Tonight 

The trials and tribulations of creating music - and really, any kind of art - can be daunting. But change is inevitable, and even when it's expected it can cause some interesting things to happen. For Cincinnati progressive garage rock band Tooth Lures a Fang, change is more or less a part of who they are.

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Cincinnati Submissions for the Tiny Desk Concert Contest 

NPR Music and Lagunitas Brewing Company announced the 2017 Tiny Desk Concert Contest back in December. The winner of the Contest will play a Tiny Desk concert behind the desk at NPR. Then, they'll go on a fully-funded tour of the United States with NPR Music and sponsor, Lagunitas Brewing...

Growing Up, Tooth Lures a Fang is Finally Teefin’ 

Cincinnati lo-fi garage rock aficionados Tooth Lures a Fang are set to release their first full-length, Teefin’, on October 3, 2015. Self-recorded, produced, and mixed, the album is the follow-up to their debut EP, Two Floors of Hang, which was also self-everything’d, and included the...

Our Weekend Picks :: May 15, 2015 

Each week we will highlight a few of our picks for the weekend. Some may be local, some may not, but as long as you are seeing live music in Cincinnati you are contributing! Our picks are below, but you can choose for yourself with our calendar here. (Or download our iPhone...

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight & Tooth Lures a Fang at the Comet 

I’ve always appreciated the rare band that can end, only to find their now disparate pieces spiraling off in to the most inspiring directions possible. Regardless of why a band decides to call it quits, the emergence of music projects out of their ashes is always interesting, if nothing...

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