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MidWest Friends Fest at The Southgate House Revival

The Cincinnati and NKY music scene is bursting at the seams with incredible talent, across a spectrum of genres. The first-ever MidWest Friends Fest is tapping some of the most dynamic local emo, punk, and rock bands and musicians and bringing to town bands from around the country - some of which have never visited this part of the state - to throw one big party celebrating the diversity of sound and the unparalleled passion of the people making such great music.

MidWest Friends Fest is happening on Saturday, August 31 at the historic Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky, with the first band kicking things off just after 4:00 pm. Fest founders Ben Seitz and Jared Bowers are partnering with the legendary venue to bring music to all 3 stages, with 8 local bands and 12 regional and touring bands ready to pack the house.

MidWest Friends Fest will feature local friends Scarlet Street, Tooth Lures A Fang, Bear The Moon, Alex Kasznel & The Board of Directors, Dustbin, Abandoned Malls of America, As It May, and Ryan Rockwell, and visiting friends Teens In Trouble, Bat Boy, Camping In Alaska, Kerosene Heights, Mint Green, Honeycrush, Pinksqueeze, FinalBossFight!, The Dreaded Laramie, Manor Gates, Routine Fuss, and OK Cool.

“The idea for MidWest Friends Fest is pretty simple - we wanted to bring bands that we really like to the area, some of them for the first time, and let them meet, hear, and get to know some of our favorite bands and musicians in the city, and, really, get to know the city itself,” says Jared Bowers, one of the fest’s founders. “This one’s all about connection - making connections and keeping them going - so that we can continue to see the Cincy/NKY scene flourish and grow.”

Ben Seitz, front person and guitarist for local emo/rock outfit Scarlet Street, brought up the idea to Bowers late last year. “There are a lot of really inspiring festivals happening right now, both big and small, and I felt that Cincinnati was really the place where something like this should be happening. We’ve got an excellent local scene, but also we’re central to some of the best music scenes happening on a national scale, so it simply makes sense for this to happen here.”

Between Seitz’s experience playing live, touring, and knowledge of the industry, and Bowers’ experience booking shows, writing, and photographing bands for CincyMusic as a champion of the scene at large, their combined efforts have resulted in a fest that brings together bands from all over the country, from across the spectrum of punk, emo, pop, and rock, to create something unique, fun, and memorable. The fest’s lineup is locked in, and the duo is working on a few other surprises to make the day a great one for bands and fans alike - including yet-to-be determined fundraising partnerships to give back to the community.

Early bird tickets are now on sale for $25!