Abandoned Malls of America

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ABOUT THE BANDAbandoned Malls of America is a midwestern rock band that combines the feel and emotion of classic Midwest Emo with a modern punk energy and grit.Guitar driven, melodic, and with a cynical edge that most any disillusioned millennial can relate to, this band exists to fill an artistic void. People of this generation openly opine for the emotional and impactful music they grew up with, but mainly through winking nostalgia and meme culture. What if there were bands that picked up the

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Oktoberfest Zinzinnati Entertainment Lineup 

To zelebrate the return of Oktoberfest Zinzinnati® to 5th Street, festivities will commence one day earlier, feature expanded entertainment and activities, and open one hour earlier on Sunday.

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Abandoned Malls of America Release Fancy Words for Failure 

 AMOA have released the second single, "Fancy Words for Failure" from their upcoming EP, Brushed Gold!

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