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Listen Up! - Abandoned Malls of America Drop Their Next Single, "You Called Out Through The Trees"

Emo/rock outfit Abandoned Malls of America are back with their second single of 2024, a slower-paced but no less rock and roll track titled “You Called Out Through The Trees.”

Moody and raw, a love song steeped in a sense of longing, of almost missed opportunities, but ultimately triumphant, even if it feels a bit solemn. Bob Tallman, vocalist and guitarist of Abandoned Malls of America, said of the track “Musically, I brought in a touch of grunge influence to mix with the emo/indie aspects of our sound to exhibit the bittersweet nature of the situation. It's a love song, but it's also an introspection about selfishness and guilt.”


“[I wrote it] for my wife about how she unexpectedly had to move to California and I prematurely ended the relationship, believing I couldn't handle the distance,” Tallman continues.

“[She] reached back out months down the line through the potential awkwardness, striking up a conversation and leading to our relationship being rekindled and the rest being history - [we’re now] married with a daughter. Her initiative to follow her heart and call back out to me was so inspiring I just had to write this song.”

Check out the track here, and if you’re feeling so inclined, the band has created a limited edition t-shirt featuring lyrics from the track itself - click here to check it out and pick one up (I mean, just take a peek at the image above - it’s rad).

You can catch Abandoned Malls of America live and in person on Thursday, April 4 at The Southgate House Revival with If Not For Me, Softspoken, and Friday Giants. They’re kicking off the show starting at 7:30. Let ‘em know you’re coming by clicking here. See you there?