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Jared Bowers

A former DIY booking dude with a love for under-heard bands and an appreciation for live music (when he can get to a show), Jared's a father of 2 super weird kids, married to an even weirder woman... and he wouldn't have it any other way. Writing about music since high school, he' evangelistic when it comes to the music he loves, friendly with everyone who cares to chat and always looking for the next noodly, off-time and mathy guitar driven band that nobody's ever hear of. He writes about local music and reviews albums as often as he's able.

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Album Review: Ryan Rockwell's Debut LP, Smurf King, Rules

If you’ve been in or around the Cincy music scene anytime throughout the last 10-15 years, you probably either know or know someone who knows Ryan Rockwell.

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Review: Chris From Space Releases Their New S/T LP

Consistently undefinable Cincinnati psych rock-esque Chris From Space returns to the musical fray with his latest release, an eponymous adventure through the depths of time and reality.
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Listen Up! - Alex Kasznel & The Board of Directors

Again, I find myself surprised and delighted by what’s happening in Cincinnati right now. There’s so much good music, so many great bands and artists, from all across the spectrum.
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Listen Up! Maria Keck's Lovely New Single & Video, "Free Like You"

The most recent lo-fi pop track from solo artist Maria Keck.
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Listen Up! Goes The Dynamite Release Debut Single, "I Want It"

“I Want It” is one of the most unique tracks that I’ve heard out of the tri-state area in quite awhile.
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Review: If Not For Me at Southgate House Revival

All in all, it really was an exceptional night of music for the Cincy/NKY scene.
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REVIEW: Less Than Jake Takes Us Back To Rockview

How do you sum up 25 years of history with a band, especially one as consequential to my musical upbringing as Less Than Jake?
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Show Review: Mom Jeans at Bogart's

Mom Jeans is making it happen across the country with elf ears, singalongs, and poppy, quirky emo emo-tinged jams for everyone.