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Jared Bowers

A former DIY booking dude with a love for under-heard bands and an appreciation for live music (when he can get to a show), Jared's a father of 2 super weird kids, married to an even weirder woman... and he wouldn't have it any other way. Writing about music since high school, he' evangelistic when it comes to the music he loves, friendly with everyone who cares to chat and always looking for the next noodly, off-time and mathy guitar driven band that nobody's ever hear of. He writes about local music and reviews albums as often as he's able.

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Review: The Mars Volta @ The Andrew J. Brady Music Center

The Mars Volta maybe exists on some alternate timeline that has somehow become enmeshed in our own.

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Review: Siren Suit - Weight

It’s genuinely shocking how much chaos just under 22 minutes can contain. In their new album, Weight, difficult to categorize rock trio Siren Suit traverse a lot of musical terrain in what’s basically the runtime of a cable sitcom.

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Review: Hatebreed - 20 Years of The Rise of Brutality

Within the realm of heavy music - particularly hardcore - this was actually a fairly diverse set of bands. While breakdowns were the common denominator, each band had it’s own take on “heavy,” and their own way of translating what hardcore means as a sound.
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Review: Ohio Is For Lovers

There were some genuinely great bands that made Ohio Is For Lovers 2023 a hell of a fun day and something I’m looking forward to seeing grow and evolve.

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Maura Weaver Steps Up to the Mic

You can catch Maura Weaver with a full band, with support from Wussy Duo and Paige Beller, on September 22 at Northside Tavern.

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Review: Spoils - Nothing For a Man EP

Cincy slowcore/indie band Spoils have released their latest EP, Nothing For a Man, via Happy / Families (which falls under the eclectic Torn Light umbrella).

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Get To The Gig: Old City @ MOTR

Coming up this Thursday, August 17, Cincinnati rock duo Old City officially becomes a trio when they take the stage at MOTR, along with psych/post-rockers Plug, an melodic punk outfit Stokelys.

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Check out the new Maura Weaver single and video, "Sunshine"

With just about a month to go before releasing Don Giovanni solo debut, I Was Due for a Heartbreak, Cincinnati’s Maura Weaver has dropped the first single - and new video - from the album.

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Review: Sparta - 20 Years of Wiretap Scars

Sparta invited Venezuelan post-rock and experimental punk outfit Zeta and Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly to join them. I’m thankful that they made one of their last stops in Covington last night, at what is quickly becoming one of my favorite spaces in the city, Madison Live!