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Jared Bowers

A former DIY booking dude with a love for under-heard bands and an appreciation for live music (when he can get to a show), Jared's a father of 2 super weird kids, married to an even weirder woman... and he wouldn't have it any other way. Writing about music since high school, he' evangelistic when it comes to the music he loves, friendly with everyone who cares to chat and always looking for the next noodly, off-time and mathy guitar driven band that nobody's ever hear of. He writes about local music and reviews albums as often as he's able.

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Working Class Villian Gets Funky

The album itself features the juxtaposition of earnest and sincere lyricism that sometimes plays at odds with the more upbeat and noodly guitar rock, with vibrant percussion and keys rounding everything out.

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Album Review: You Are - Jess Lamb and The Factory

For musicians, it’s been a struggle to survive, as venues have had to close - some permanently - and the touring industry has been brought to its knees. What’s a creator like Jess Lamb to do when the main source of sharing the music they make is taken away from them? Who do they lean on? Who do they turn to?

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Listen, 2020 Sucked - Jared's Favorites from a Dumpster Fire Year

Right now, as it has been for most of the year, music continues to be a balm. Sonic comfort in an incredibly, increasingly uncomfortable world. One of the few bright spots if I’m being honest.

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EP Review: Mavis Guitar - Thinking Further, You Must Be The Color

If nothing else, this quasi-isolation has led Travis Talbert down a path of rumination, a place where he’s sitting in the sublime and working through some shit. We should all be so lucky, to be honest.

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Art, Resistance, & Truth - Huntorprey releases new single, "Rocket"

Combining the on-paper-disparate elements of progressive hip-hop and psych-punk might not seem the most logical approach, but Huntorprey - with production by LA-by-way-of-Cincinnati’s own Ill Poetic - somehow make it work. It’s a brash, chaotic, emotional look into the very real, very present dangers of being a Black person in the United States.

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Mood Music - Mavis Guitar Drops a New 2 Song EP

It’s really impossible to know where the creative spark for any one thing might originate. For Travis Talbert, though, staying at home during this year’s pandemic, the time with his family has him finding new ways to tap into that creativity.

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It's Time to Think Differently about Live Music

Let’s talk about what’s happened to live music, what’s happening now, and what needs to happen in the future, both in the short and long-term.

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Tooth Lures a Fang Release Single for Charity

Local indie garage rockers Tooth Lures a Fang have collaborated on a brand new song with Sing Me a Story, a Nashville, TN based non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the "voices of children in need to the world - through music."

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EP Review: Old Pictures / New Pictures

It’s a weird time to be a local band. Or any band. Or just a person, I guess. So, whatever better time to say hello to one of my new favorite local acts, Old Pictures / New Pictures, right?

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10 New Releases To Spend Some Time With

Need something new to listen to? Then let’s skip the intro and get right to it. There’s a little something here for everyone… Enjoy!

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Musical Movies That Aren't Musicals: A Short List

Listen, we’re all going a little crazy right now. The world’s turned upside down, and we’re all doing our best to adjust, cope, manage, and… well, just exist at this point. For frequent CincyMusic readers, we know that music is an escape and a salve, and along with so many other things that we’ve had to give up in order to socially distance ourselves for everyone’s health and well-being, having to go without live shows is a particularly difficult thing. Hopefully you’ve been checking out all of our CincyMusic Live performances on Facebook supporting local musicians.

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Clutch Returns to Cincinnati, a Book of Bad Decisions in tow

2019 might be on its way out, and the decade coming to a close, but let us not forget how blessed we have been by the Rock Gods since nigh on 30 years. Clutch, one of the most consistent Actual Rock bands of the modern era will grace the Queen City for the second time in 6 or so months when they return to the stage that, somehow, has become a regular stop for the band over the almost disappeared decade. Is it tradition, or something else? No idea. It’s simply a reason to celebrate, so we shall.