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Jared Bowers

A former DIY booking dude with a love for under-heard bands and an appreciation for live music (when he can get to a show), Jared's a father of 2 super weird kids, married to an even weirder woman... and he wouldn't have it any other way. Writing about music since high school, he' evangelistic when it comes to the music he loves, friendly with everyone who cares to chat and always looking for the next noodly, off-time and mathy guitar driven band that nobody's ever hear of. He writes about local music and reviews albums as often as he's able.

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Musical Movies That Aren't Musicals: A Short List

Listen, we’re all going a little crazy right now. The world’s turned upside down, and we’re all doing our best to adjust, cope, manage, and… well, just exist at this point. For frequent CincyMusic readers, we know that music is an escape and a salve, and along with so many other things that we’ve had to give up in order to socially distance ourselves for everyone’s health and well-being, having to go without live shows is a particularly difficult thing. Hopefully you’ve been checking out all of our CincyMusic Live performances on Facebook supporting local musicians.

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Clutch Returns to Cincinnati, a Book of Bad Decisions in tow

2019 might be on its way out, and the decade coming to a close, but let us not forget how blessed we have been by the Rock Gods since nigh on 30 years. Clutch, one of the most consistent Actual Rock bands of the modern era will grace the Queen City for the second time in 6 or so months when they return to the stage that, somehow, has become a regular stop for the band over the almost disappeared decade. Is it tradition, or something else? No idea. It’s simply a reason to celebrate, so we shall.

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It Was a Weird Year - Jared's 2019 Favorites

Oh, 2019. I barely knew you…

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The Get Up Kids Return to Cincinnati - Matt Pryor Talks Problems and Everything in Between

The Get Up Kids are about to hit the 25-year mark, which is a significant milestone in just about any profession. Things were obviously very different in 1995, when they first started out. 

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Local Filmmaker and Musician Bring Original Sci-Fi Short Film to Life

It's easy to miss some of the amazing, creative things happening in Cincinnati on any given day. The city itself has come to life in a genuinely surprising way, offering fertile grounds for music, art, and film for creators of all ages, shapes, sizes, and talents. It's been fascinating to watch, even a little exhausting if you're like me and trying to enjoy and support as much as you can in the limited amount of time you have to do so. 

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A Couple of Decades Under the Influence.

This coming Friday, October 18, and Saturday, October 19 you’re invited - by bassist Shaun Cooper himself - to join the band at Bogart’s in celebrating 20 years of existence. They’ve dusted off the entirety of Tell All Your Friends to play it every night of the tour, and if that’s not enough to get your emo heart pumping, they’ll flip a coin and will play either Where You Want to Be or Louder Now on Friday in its entirety along with TAYF (fingers crossed we get WYWTB on Friday, just saying). For those attending both nights, you’re going to hear all 3 albums no matter what. Oh, and you’ll hear a few other choice selections from the band’s 7 album catalog, as well. I hope you come ready to sing along. 

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Making the Most of It - Ill Poetic Returns to Cincinnati

This September, Ill Poetic returns to Cincinnati to speak about the power of taking control of your art from every angle, and finding creative, organic ways to do it. We get into a lot of really great details about what he has in store next month, so I’ll let him take it from here. Thanks to Ill Poetic for taking the time to answer my questions. 

Interview - Vinnie Caruana - On Dayton United, Addressing Loss, and Aging Gracefully

Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife / I Am The Avalanche) sat down with Jared to discuss the Dayton United show this Wednesday.

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Interview - Dayton United: Benefit for the Dayton Foundation

Featuring solo performances by Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Geoff Rickley of Thursday, Chris Conley of Saves the Day, Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife and I Am the Avalanche, with local support from Joe Anderl of The 1984 Draft.

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Halfway There - Adam Flaig at Southgate House Revival

This month you can catch Adam as the Artist in Residence at Southgate House Revival. Every Wednesday night, tSGHR gives hand-picked musicians the run of the Lounge stage. This month, Adam’s taking full advantage of the opportunity. Read more about what makes his time as August’s Artist in Residence so special below. The interview was edited for clarity.

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Interview: Saves The Day

I can’t overstate what so many of Saves The Day’s albums mean to me, and how excited I am to share them with my kids when the time comes.

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All Good Things… The Menzingers at Southgate House Revival

You wouldn’t have known it was a Tuesday night at the Southgate House Revival. The lightning flashing through the stained-glass windows, the slowly filling, gently buzzing Revival Room, the mugginess of an August on the Ohio River – it was the kind of night a Menzingers show is made for.