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Tooth Lures A Fang Release Third & Final Single from New Album

To kick off an exciting spring for the band, leading into the release of their next full-length album, the band teamed up with Cincy rock group National Barks to create a video for their third and final single, “Real Love.”

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REVIEW: Sweet Pill @ Madison Live

There are a handful of bands hitting their stride right now, others on the verge of some really big things. Sweet Pill happens to be dealing with both simultaneously - and it’s quite special to see happening in real time.

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Mavis Guitar Release New Album, Celebrate This Weekend at SGHR

To celebrate its release, Talbert is teaming up with Frontier Folk Nebraska frontman Michael Hensley and musician Maria Carrelli to bring fans together for a night of music at our beloved Southgate House Revival.

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The You Suck Flying Circus - New Album Friday, Tour Stop In Cincy THIS Weekend

Coming up on Sunday, March 26, indie/emo/shoegaze collective The You Suck Flying Circus will be landing in Cincinnati, taking over The Comet with locals Cheaper Than Therapy and newcomers kappakappa.

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Sweet Pill Step Into the Spotlight at Madison Live

Sweet Pill are ready to step into the spotlight for a series of headlining shows, including their final date on this run at Madison Live on Thursday, March 23.

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D.R.U.G.S. at Bogart's - Destroy/Rebuild Tour Review

The audience for last night’s show was primed, though. Even as the pre-show music was playing, standing in the photo pit I could see folks who were ready for whatever happened - they were just stoked to be there.

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REVIEW: Bayside at Bogarts - The Just Like Home Tour

Last night at Bogart’s, the 3 band bill of openers Koyo and I Am The Avalanche, and headliner Bayside, brought summer time energy to a winter time concert (75 degree day be damned!) and near capacity crowd.
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For the music, fans, and the band - A Night with Brainiac

Last night was proof that in this reality, they still matter to, at the very least, the 600+ souls packed into The Woodward Theater, to the folks who couldn’t get a ticket to join the crowd of another sold out show on Brainiac’s brief return run. They’re still a vibrant, important, chaotically critical piece of thousands of lives.
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Jake Borgemenke & Joey Joesph (Pomegranates) Release Subliminal Clave

Lo Fi City Recordings artist Jake Borgemenke and Joey Joesph, of Pomegranates, have combined forces to create a shimmering, jangly, throwback pop album called Subliminal Clave.