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Listen Up! New Abandoned Malls of America Single Now Streaming

New Wave emo dads Abandoned Malls of America are back at it with their poppiest track yet, “I’m not joking…do it…” a track that “was written as a humorous and playfully cynical take on being an aging musician, struggling to gain the following I've dreamed of since my teenage years.” So says vocalist and guitarist Bob Tallman.

“The chorus,” he continues, “is a mantra about adjusting those bigger dreams from my youth to more realistic goals - set your sights low - while simultaneously vowing to never give up… or at least not giving up until I'm physically unable to write and perform music anymore.”


The track itself is an energetic, frenetic and, you got it, playful take on the emo and pop punk, an effortless blend of the two that begs the question all good music should, “What’s next because I’d like to hear more now, please.”

Tallman concludes with the following: “I hope many other struggling artists can relate and get a chuckle out of poking fun at our collective plight.”

Click the image below to listen to the track, commiserate, and maybe feel something, anything, you know, as a treat.