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Lo Fi Records Release Juneteenth Compilation, Peace Beast

In line with their pandemic practice of helping take care of the bands who utilize their platform via Bandcamp Fridays, today, June 17, Bandcamp will be holding their third annual Juneteenth fundraiser. 100% of Bandcamp’s share of sales will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a racial justice organization with a long history of effectively enacting change through litigation, advocacy, and public education.

To support this most righteous cause, Cincinnati’s own Lo Fi City has released a new, 14 track compilation - titled Peace Beast - with all proceeds from sales on June 17th going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, as well. So for the day, 100% of sales will go to this great organization - what’s not to like?

Featuring new music from regional favorites like Slow Glows, as well as Lo Fi City stalwarts Tooth Lures a Fang, Mutt Fuzz, Sleepy Drums, Jake Borgemenke, J. Stout and more, the tracklist also includes national acts Mythical Motors (Tennessee), Nightmare Frontier (Illinois), Portobella (South Carolina), and Gran Mal (Missouri).

Peace Beast also includes sneak peaks from new Lo Fi City “super groups” Uncle Fungus (featuring members of Mutt Fuzz, Sleepy Drums and Toboggan Race) and Future Toys (featuring members of Nightmare Frontier and Sleepy Drums).

The album will be available exclusively on Bandcamp starting TODAY.


 1. Jake Borgemenke: Waiting for the Sunset
 2. Mutt Fuzz: With God on Our Side (Bob Dylan cover)
 3. J. Stout: Leisure Police
 4. Mythical Motors: Creatures of Paradise Parade
 5. Uncle Fungus: Snake Jazz
 6. Slow Glows: Turquoise
 7. Gran Mal: The Beacon
 8. Tooh Lures a Fang: Sunlight Creeps (demo)
 9. Sleepy Drums: Reality War (demo)
 10. Portabella: Salamander
 11. Siren Suit: Gods
 12. Future Toys: Vacation Wonder Something
 13. Paranoid Symptoms: A Polar Figure
 14. Nightmare Frontier: CWIIWWIII

Album artwork by Cincinnati artist Robert Santel @greater_clips