Growing Up, Tooth Lures a Fang is Finally Teefin’

Jeremy Taylor

Cincinnati lo-fi garage rock aficionados Tooth Lures a Fang are set to release their first full-length, Teefin’, on October 3, 2015. Self-recorded, produced, and mixed, the album is the follow-up to their debut EP, Two Floors of Hang, which was also self-everything’d, and included the single “Don’t Bring Me Down,” which inspired an equally DIY video accompaniment. This weekend, also on Saturday, October 3, 2015, (though not coincidentally) the band will bring their high energy, semi-awkward set to bear on The Drinkery in OTR in celebration of the release. They’ll be joined by friends and “good boys,” alterna-funkers Founding Fathers, and Cincinnati post-punkers The Night Divided

Lead single “Vapor Trail,” a jaunty, high energy quasi-post punk love song is presented with an equally quirky, easygoing video featuring the adventures of two best friends. The track is the aural equivalent to all the high-fives thrown around with such wild abandon throughout the song’s 3 minute plus running time, and is a good indication of the light touch, but heady topics covered on the album itself.

Though it was recorded throughout the summer of 2015, Teefin’ has been much longer in the making. Filled with songs from all across singer/songwriter Zach Starkie’s music career, it’s an album that’s as much a culmination of past experiences as it is a heartfelt glimpse of the band’s future. A fan of Elvis Costello and Smashing Pumpkins, it’s easy to hear those influences in Starkie’s writing and arrangements, even when it’s hard to fathom how he managed to combine them so organically and intelligently.

The band itself - comprised of vocalist and guitarist Zach Starkie, bassist Nic Pater, and drummer Jordan Von Wahlde - has only taken shape over the last year and a half and has turned into a self-described “collaboration.” While Two Floors of Hang was written as a two-piece, Teefin’ was written with all 3 members in place, providing not just a fuller sound, but a more mature one.

Tooth Lures a Fang is a young band by most standards, but don’t tell them that. Creating passion-filled, inspired music is second nature to all 3 members. Every track on the album is absolute proof of that. And every live performance only proves it further. 

What: Tooth Lures a Fang to Self-Release Debut Full-Length, Teefin’

What Else: Teefin’ Record Release Show

When: Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where: The Drinkery, OTR - Cincinnati, OH

With: Founding Fathers and The Night Divided

Cost: Free