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Founding Fathers

"Founding Fathers are musicians who list greats like Beck, Ween, and LCD Soundsystem among their biggest influences.  Its hard not to hear the influence of the Talking Heads when this band starts hitting hard, and by the looks of it music crowds are down with that!  At their live concerts... hands come out of pockets, the heads begin to bob, and the scene kids begin to listen... at that moment you know the sonic stupor that lays over the crowd has been broken.... yes Founding Fathers are on the scene!  Fledgling but on their way up, Founding Fathers are ridding the crest of a musical wave about to crash down on Ohio, perhaps the World. From the mean streets of Cincinnati, at bars and clubs embracing rock and dance music.. people are showing up, people are tuning in, and Founding Fathers who thrive on bigger stages and bigger audiences are feeding off the energy of their fast-growing fan base."
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