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CincyMusic Editor Year in Review: 2020

Photo Credit: Travis Brandner

This year was a weird one for me. Live music has always been for me a form of therapy.

In March, we started seeing concerts being rescheduled or postponed. At first, I just assumed it was a precaution and we would be back to normal in a few weeks. I was wrong.

With no concerts to preview, review, or post photos of – CincyMusic had to pivot. I forget who, (most likely Nathan) had the idea of doing Live Streams on our platform to give artists a way to still make some money and play “live” music via CincyMusic LIVE. We had done these a few times in the past, so it seemed like a no-brainer. I reached out to my friend, Dead Man String Band to be our test subject on March 21st.

Turns out, people were craving live music as much as I was. Very quickly, I was scheduling CincyMusic LIVE performances with many local artists for every night of the week! Shortly after, I started collaborating with Grasshopper Juice Records, Sofaburn Records, Cincy Groove, Inhailer, Grrl + Weapon, The Women’s Groovement, Powerhouse, 7/79, Kelly Thomas, and my Thrive Stream partners (Jordan Tuss, Sarah Daigneault, and Megyn Norbut) to put on “Live” shows and Benefits for musicians, Venues, and Organizations that we all are super passionate about.

I am very appreciative to all of these people for coming together with me to create these events. Selfishly, it helped to fill a void of not being able to go see live music.

Heck, I was even on an episode of Tooth TV, with my friends, Tooth Lures a Fang, which aired every Friday on CincyMusic LIVE.

With the future of live music still uncertain, CincyMusic LIVE will continue as long as there is a need. While 2020 was not what I expected, it turned out to be pretty ok with a little help from all my music friends.