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Get Out to VOTE with CincyMusic LIVE

On Saturday, October 3rd join CincyMusic and 7/79 Video with a LIVE event with Local Celebrities and some of the best bands in the city to talk about how important it is to VOTE.

Join Black Signal, Molly Wellman, Bronson Arroyo, Morrella Raleigh, Aaron Sharpe, MADQUEEN, Tooth Lures a Fang, Self-Similar, Juan Cosby, AP Counterfeit, Jordan Smart, Scott Preston and MORE TBA!!

Election day is November 3rd!
  Check your registration status here.
 Don’t forget the deadline to register to vote is October 5th!
 If you would like to request a ballot to vote by mail, the deadline is October 31st!
 Early voting runs from October 6th through November 3rd.
 In OH, request a mail-in ballot here.
 In KY, request a mail-in ballot here.
 In IN, request a mail-in ballot here.
 Anywhere else, check here.
 If at all possible, return your ballot to an official drop-off location. Locations can be found here.

 When: Saturday, October 3rd
 Where: CincyMusic LIVE
 Time: 6p (EST)