Tooth Lures a Fang - First Single and Video from New Album

Today, we’re excited to share the first single and video from Tooth Lures a Fang’s new full-length, Sharon is Karen, releasing on Lo Fi City this June. 

According to vocalist and guitarist Zach Starkie, “Last Year” the video and “Last Year” the song are about essentially the same thing. For the band, they’re “about the long stretches of quiet time in life that are occasionally peppered by a sweet surprise,” he told me.

Digging a little deeper, the track itself “tells a story of teen ennui that reminds us we often find ourselves with a disdain for daily routines without a reason beyond their familiarity,” he says. “It’s soaked in cynicism.”

“But we need a reminder that it's not a profound thought to feel frustration with the mundane,” Starkie points out.

Shot at Northside Cincinnati craft brewery Urban Artifact, the video plays on the single shot method for a majority of its running time, focusing on a boring man, sitting on a lonely bench. As he slips into unconsciousness, the video takes a turn for the surreal, with a surprise ending that may or may not be a part of his dream.

Check out the single and video below and celebrate the release of Sharon is Karen on June 9th at Urban ArtifactTooth Lures a Fang will be joined by Beloved Youth and Kuber

Check it out here