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Preview: North By Northside 2204 Goes Big

Taking place throughout Cincinnati’s Cool Older Brother of a neighborhood we lovingly call Northside, this year’s North By Northside has plotted its takeover of 11 venues this coming Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26.

Featuring a series of bills stacked top to bottom with some of Cincinnati and NKY’s most notable acts, plus more than a few out of town bands, North By Northside feels to this writer like a variation on the theme of MidPoint, and that’s a-okay with me. Indie, punk, rock, comedy, discussion panels, and DJs - NXNS kind of has it all.

My recommendations?

Be sure to catch Tweens headlining the Hoffner Park stage and Leggy closing out the night at Northside Tavern on Saturday. Also The Laurelys and Paige Beller performing back to back at The Lounge will be, I’m sure, fantastic. Tooth Lures A Fang closes out the night at Boswell’s at 10.

Sunday, National Barks take the stage at 9 at Northside Tavern, Ruby Vileos will be playing an early set at PAR Projects at 2pm, The Shivers close out the night at The Comet at midnight, but go check out Motel Faces, first, at 10 at Boswell’s.

I’d offer to draw you a map but I’ll be honest, it wouldn’t be pretty.

Get the full lineup and entire crazy schedule here, and you can probably take a look at the poster below and have a good idea of who you’d want to see, too.

Have fun out there, ya’ll. Just wear comfortable shoes and remember to stay hydrated.