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Rock n’ Revival for a Cure at The Southgate House Revival 

The Rock n’ Revival for a Cure at The Southgate House Revival has been a show that has hit close to home for the Forsthoefel brothers.  Saturday, March 4th marks the second annual of the show and with the passing of their father in late January due to Glioblastoma (brain cancer), it will...

Our Weekend Picks: February 18 

Each week we will highlight a few of our picks for the weekend. Some may be local, some may not, but as long as you are seeing live music in Cincinnati you are contributing! Our picks are below, but you can choose for yourself with our calendar here. (Or download our iPhone...

Coal Train Robbery and Motel Faces Rocking Out Twice This Week 

Coal Train Robbery (CTR) is a four-piece Alt Rock band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The band, only a year old, is quickly becoming a Cincinnati favorite, and is winning the hearts of Ohio, one city at a time. Their simple riffs, electric stage show, and catchy, viral melodies infect audiences and...

Technicolor Monster Looking for Revival 

If the guys in Technicolor Monster have learned anything over the last year, it’s that staying true to who you are is the only way to real success. After a year filled with an album release, dozens of shows, playing a Warped Tour stop, a music video, and much more, they realized they needed...

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