Technicolor Monster Looking for Revival

If the guys in Technicolor Monster have learned anything over the last year, it’s that staying true to who you are is the only way to real success. After a year filled with an album release, dozens of shows, playing a Warped Tour stop, a music video, and much more, they realized they needed to get back started in the first place: the music and the people.

“2015 was an amazing year, but we kind of fell apart around the end,” lead singer Isaac Cowdrey says, “I feel like we let a lot of negative things and a lot bad situations determine who we were and how we acted in this band, and in our lives. So we took a couple of months at the end of the year to refocus and it helped a lot. We came back in January and played a show refreshed and ready to go. It was kind of a revival.”

“Wow, perfect intro,” adds Logan Hortenberry, the band’s drummer. “We’re working on a project now called ‘Revival in the Streets’. It’s kind of our tribute to Cincinnati. We love the city, and being from here, and we wanted to do something that really captured the soul of the city. We've been roaming the streets of downtown and finding the everyday people that are the true life of Cincinnati and we've been asking them what their biggest dreams are. To us, it's about showcasing all of these amazing dreams and goals in order to revive and inspire the everyday dreamers. It's such a cool experience meeting all these new people and hearing their dreams, and we love it.”

“There’s also a musical side to the project, we’re working on a new song, also called ‘Revival in the Streets’ We just went into the studio with long-time friend and producer Elton Clifton (New Fidelity Studios.) We’re working on a release date for the song and we’ve already been playing it live. People are liking it so far, it’s a new direction for us with a big bass line, and a sing along hook,” says Isaac. “So we have this whole project that’s kind of us saying ‘Thank You’ to Cincinnati and its people and showcasing the revival in music and culture going on here.”

The band also recently revised their website,  and there’s a page dedicated to the Revival in Streets project with photographs and stories. In addition, they’ve been at work booking shows. 

The band has upcoming gigs on February 18th at The Drinkery, a big showcase at Bogart’s on March 10th with Pneumatic, Birds in the Airport, Moment 44, and Modern Aquatic. And with more shows TBA soon, it’s going to be an active year for Technicolor Monster.

Thursday, February 18th
The Drinkery
Technicolor Monster
w/ Coal Train Robbery and Motel Faces 

Thursday, March 10th
Technicolor Monster
w/ Pneumatic, Moment 44, and Modern Aquatic


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