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Technicolor Monster

Isaac Cowdrey and Logan Hortenberry are both natives of Cincinnati, Ohio, where they still reside. They are both self-taught musicians who met in the summer of 2013 and found that their love of music from different influences - pop, punk, metal, indie and even jazz - could come together to form a unique blend of sounds that are all their own. Their shared love of music and their faith in Jesus and his example, have become the foundation for everything they do. Since then, the two have worked diligently to write music that would bring fun, joy and hope to a everyone who hears them. Their high-energy shows are part party, part performance and all great music. They invite everyone to join them in their auditory adventure by becoming part of "The Club", a group dedicated to overcoming fears and failures with hope and happiness. Now for the name. After searching and brainstorming names, the guys came up with Technicolor Monster because it just sounded cool as a band name. As the band and the guys have grown into it, the name has taken on a new meaning, and that is this: Life can be full of darkness, trials and "monsters" that we all face. It's up to us to encourage each other, to build one another up with hope, love and joy. When we do this, when we come together, we can shine light in the dark, we can overcome the trials, we can paint our monsters technicolor.

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