Get to Know Modern Aquatic

Modern Aquatic is a band to keep your eye on. Having only formed in May of 2015, they have certainly made a name for themselves in the local scene. They have an exciting show this Thursday at Bogart’s for the Next Noise Showcase and we wanted to get to know the band better! 


Give us some background on Modern Aquatic…
We were all very involved with music in high school, but didn’t start playing together until after we graduated when we started becoming more serious about music. Modern aquatic was a project that our singer/songwriter, Geovanny Esquivel, started late 2014. He wrote and recorded an assortment of demos in his living room with just a laptop and guitar. After writing the music for Modern Aquatic, Geovanny began searching for a group of guys to play with. In 2015, Modern Aquatic started gaining momentum as the official lineup came together with Geovanny Esquivel (lead singer/guitar), Kyle Kubiak (lead guitar, vocals), Chase Stephens (drums), Max Maley (bass), Anthony Maley (guitar, keys, vocals).

What can one expect at a live Modern Aquatic show?
We work very hard for each show in order to put on the best performance we can. We like to get the crowd excited with our upbeat songs and then incorporate our more ambient songs later in the set. Our goal for our live performances is to get the crowd moving and engaged in the music. We feel very accomplished if we can exceed their expectations. We have a lot of fun playing for people and hope to have people come back to see us again and again. We care about giving the crowd an experience that they will remember and hope that our love of playing for them resonates.

Tell us about how your band name came to be…
The band name is inspired by a Wes Anderson film. We all love Anderson’s movies, but 'The Life Aquatic' was a film that really stood out to us. Wanting to mix the movies visual aesthetics and inspiration from our favorite bands, we felt Modern Aquatic was a good representation. We thought that the name ‘Modern Aquatic’ also represented our indie/surf rock sound.

What is next for Modern Aquatic?
This summer we are trying to book a lot more shows outside of Cincinnati and maybe a small tour. We are even looking to get an album out late this year. We have our biggest show so far on March 10th at Bogart’s, which has definitely become our biggest priority for the last few weeks. We are really excited about it! We are always keeping busy with promoting and writing. We hope to start playing for larger crowds soon and continue to get our name out! At the moment, we are planning for more shows in Cincinnati, but we are very open to opportunities that come our way. 

Modern Aquatic
Technicolor Monster
Moment 44
Thursday, March 10th