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Modern Aquatic

Indie Rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Originated in the summer of 2015 with dreams of playing in front of big crowds & releasing music for all to hear. The unique relaxed hazy beach tone they have created has become a signature of the band and can be a tone hard to forget. The group has released 2 singles 'Laurel Leaves' and 'Blondie' on top of an unofficial EP made up of song demos. Since the fall of 2015 the band members have since changed & everything had started to settle in as the new year turned. This changed sparked more of a push forward with getting the band off the ground and has clearly done so. Travels to out of town shows have made huge impacts in the band outside of their hometown and even made an impact here at home with shows alongside The Yugos & MultiMagic. The group plans on recording some new and old material this fall and hopes to play more shows in and out of Cincinnati as well.


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