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Modern Aquatic Release New Single “Petrichor”

Check out the brand-new single from local favorites, Modern Aquatic! Just in time to get acquainted with the tune before their show Thursday at The Southgate House Revival.

“Petrichor” was written and recorded at the new Sabbath recording studio with Jacob Merritt, Matt Latchaw, and Chad Wahlbrink. It was actually the first song recorded at the new studio. “Petrichor” features Jacob on the drums. They wanted to try something slightly different with this song. We went into the studio knowing we wanted a sound that was slightly “darker,” compared to the ”bright” Laurel Leaves EP. They are hoping to take the upcoming album or EP in that direction and want people to hear “Petrichor” and get an idea, sort of, of what’s to come and get excited.

Petrichor is the scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. While writing the song, they thought about sunny, briefly rainy days and about how much they love that combination and tried to capture that sonically.

As for the lyrics, they were made up on the spot but maybe subconsciously a theme of time and the fear of not spending it wisely. They hope though, that people take what they want from it and let it mean anything that they want it to mean to them.

Catch Modern Aquatic on Thursday at The Southgate House Revival with Houseplants, Sun Delay, and PHYSCO!

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