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Mom, Dad, Grandpa Benefit Show w/ The Yugos, Modern Aquatic, Season Ten & PLUG at The Southgate House Revival

The Yugos are back, and it’s for a great cause: their mom. In February of 2022, The Yugos’ mom, Donna Gough, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a long fight, she is 99% cancer-free! But the weight of medical bills makes it hard to celebrate the victory. So to help their parents through a difficult time, Donna’s sons, and founders of The Yugos, decided to make their annual winter show a benefit to raise money.

“I’m looking forward to not just partying, but partying with a purpose,” says Jordan Gough. “I can’t wait to surprise my parents with some much needed relief and to return to Southgate with our friends after such a long time. I want to see the people dance.”

The Yugos will take the stage at The Southgate House Revival on December 16, 2022, with Modern Aquatic, Season Ten, and PLUG. All ticket and merchandise sales will be donated to cover medical costs for Donna.

“The Yugos literally would not exist without my mom,” laughs Christian Gough. The brothers have been performing together since elementary school. “But really, aside from birthing us, she used to drive us to shows before we could drive ourselves. And she let us be loud in the basement - that was huge.”

In 2009, Jackson Deal joined the group, and The Yugos were formed. “Donna picked me up from school to jam with her sons for the first time. So if that hadn’t happened, and if she wasn’t there, The Yugos would have never been a thing. She has been endlessly supportive of the band since its beginning, and her love and support made this band work.”

Advanced tickets are on sale now for $15 and will be $22 at the door. The event will include a raffle to raise money, with prizes from local businesses like Bircus Brewing Co., Farmer Nate’s Hot Sauce, Hail Records & Oddities, Inhailer Radio, Northside Yacht Club, Rad OTR, The Southgate House Revival, Three Leaf Crafts, and Wooden Cask Brewery. A GoFundMe page has also been created to support the cause.