Modern Aquatic Release EP at The Woodward

Modern Aquatic are releasing their first EP, Laurel Leaves EP tonight at The Woodward Theater! Joining in for the celebration are Sylmar, This Pine Box, and Coastal Club. It’s going to be a night of epic proportions and you don’t want to miss out.

We sat down with Modern Aquatic about the new EP and what to expect tonight!

Tell us about the writing process of the new EP…
So, this new EP is what we consider a restart of the group almost. Since the initial release of “Laurel Leaves” & “Blondie” back in 2015 there have been changes in the band’s lineup and this is our way of showing everyone what Modern Aquatic really is, who Modern Aquatic really is. Nowadays we look back on those recordings and while we love where they’ve gotten the group it’s not the 5 of us currently so there tends to be an unsettling feeling there at times between everyone and to top it off we never thought those recordings would be as big of a hit as they were. We went back into the studio and our practice space with the intent of capturing who we are now with a few old songs being redone and a few new songs the 5 of us contributed on. We started writing the new songs in the spring of 2016 and officially checked into Moonlight Studios during the fall. Working with Eric Tuffendsam, Austin Nivarel, and Chad Wahlbrink we finished recording early this past spring and with excitement started putting out singles immediately. The release of the 2 singles “Edgar Allen Poe was a Hardcore Dancer” and “C.B.L.” this past spring leading up to the full release of the “Laurel Leaves” EP, which consists of 6 songs, on July 7th. 

How does playing shows outside of Cincinnati compare to hometown shows?
We’ve been really fortunate with our shows away from home. Last year we got the chance to play in Nashville at The Basement to a filled-out room. That being our first show out of Cincy we were pretty nervous about it but were clearly happy and surprised to the crowd that showed up. Then a month later we traveled up to Columbus to play with a really talented up and coming group called The Greeting Committee. It was a Monday night at Promowest’s venue The Basement and once again played to a packed-out room. We just recently got the opportunity to do a Sofar Sounds session in Chicago which was incredible! We can’t wait for everyone to see the video from our time there! Overall playing shows away from home are fun, exciting, nerve wrecking, and in a way make you miss playing in your parent’s basement at home. We’ve been very fortunate with the shows that we’ve been a part of here, in Cincy, and can’t wait to do more. 

What can a new fan expect at the EP Release show?
Dancing. Lot more of dancing on not only our part but the crowd too all through the whole show. We’re really happy to be playing with good friends of ours that make up some of the best bands in Cincinnati (Sylmar, This Pine Box, & Coastal Club) so it’s bound to be one heck of a night. Maybe some beach balls for our fans to take home too? Eh I guess we’ll see. 

What is next for Modern Aquatic?
Well… To be honest we’re not sure at the moment because our EP release show has been our main concern for a while now Definitely a festival or 2 over the next few months and potentially some music videos? Nothing is 100% certain yet but we’ll more than likely have something to give you all towards the end of summer. No matter what we are excited for the future and hope everyone is going to enjoy this EP as much, if not more, than the demos we put out a few years ago. We had a lot of fun making this and think it shows that perfectly.