Modern Aquatic Ready to Celebrate at MOTR Pub

Modern Aquatic is celebrating their first complete year of being a band at MOTR Pub on Thursday, December 29th! What a year it has been for these guys! They were featured as Local Discovery of the Month on WNKU, played Midpoint Music Festival, the Catfish Ball, and had many other bucket list items checked off. 

The sky is the limit for this band. We grabbed at the chance to talk to the band prior to the show at MOTR with Sylmar!

Give us some background on Modern Aquatic…
Modern Aquatic is an indie rock band made up of 5 friends who each have dreams of playing music for people to enjoy. The group started in 2015 and we released 2 singles "Laurel Leaves" and "Blondie". Our local radio station, WNKU, picked up both singles to be played on air and at that moment we began to get some traction within the Cincinnati music scene. 2016 yielded changes for the lineup of the group, and refined the craft of the music writing process. Throughout the year we've been able to be a part of things we always dreamed of doing such as playing shows out of town, playing at Bogarts, a show with local giants MultiMagic and The Yugos, Midpoint Music Festival, Catfish Ball, being WNKU's Local Discovery for the month of October, and to top it all off we get to play our first headlining show at MOTR December 29th with Sylmar.  

What is your favorite part about being a Cincinnati band?
The overall community here is amazing. Cincinnati has some of the best venues around, one heck of a local radio station, and all the bands here come together to support one another. There isn't much more you could've asked for in a music scene. 

What has been your best experience thus far as a band?
I think all 5 of us can agree that being a part of Midpoint this year was a dream come true. It was a huge honor to be included in the festival with all these amazing local and national acts. We got to play the WNKU stage, watch some of our friends play, witness bands we've looked up to perform just a few feet away from us, meet a bunch of new people, and just hang out with fellow musicians the whole time. For all of that to be happening here at home was truly amazing. 

What can your fans expect at the show at MOTR on 12/29?
Fans can expect a new song or two that night along with a few songs we haven't be able to perform in a while. Modern Aquatic and Sylmar plan to put on a show that will have you dancing even after the music has died out and leave you wanting more. Some new merch from us as well!  

What is next for Modern Aquatic?
We've been planning some stuff for 2017. Nothing is set in stone yet but a possible new single could be on the way... Maybe a music video too? Definitely, more shows. I guess we'll all see after the New Year, so stay tuned!