Technicolor Monster Has Exciting News

Technicolor Monster has been busy! They are getting ready to undergo an IndieGogo campaign, have a show at The 86 Club tonight and have an EP Release show set for February 27th at The Underground

We chatted with the band about #YEAROFTHEMONSTER!

Tell us about your upcoming IndieGogo campaign…
Our upcoming IndieGogo campaign is to support the release of our debut album! We are trying to get enough funds to make this album a reality, and make it right. These songs mean a lot to us, they chronicle the story before the story that is Technicolor Monster. We knew we couldn't find this on our own and still make it everything we needed to be, so we assembled together an IndieGogo to help support it. We've created some amazing perks, and other exclusive incentives to help raise the money! We are very excited to be doing this, and hope people will help create an album we are truly proud of! 

What other plans do you have for 2015?
As for 2015, we have dubbed this year as #YEAROFTHEMONSTER, we are planning to make this year the biggest year yet. From the EP and LP release, to music videos, awesome release shows, tons of new amazing social media experiences, YouTube video series/vlogs, and potentially a tour this fall. So yeah, we are going to be busy throughout the whole of this year. We have already planned out some huge surprises that will be here even before the release of the album in May! Don't worry though, we will be keeping CincyMusic updated on all the happenings as they happen. 

Tell us about the EP set to be released on February 27th!
The new EP set to release in February is a collection of four songs off of the upcoming album! The EP includes two previously released tracks, and two tracks never before released! We've been hard at work recording everything at Zinci Studios over in Covington, and it is turning out great. 

The tracks included on the album are: 1. Cave In, which we previously released as our first single, and is currently available on iTunes! 2. Troubled Kid, a never before heard new song making its debut on the EP, we haven't even played this song at shows! 3. Fall Apart, another previously released track, but never before been available on iTunes, and also remastered for the new EP and LP! 4. Death and all of His Friends (A Party), we've been playing this one live for around a year now, and it's one of our favorites! This will be its first time ever being recorded, and released, and we are excited for how it's turning out! 

So all-in-all 2015 is shaping up to be exciting, and non-stop! We can't wait to share all of this new music, as well as all of these new experiences.



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