Technicolor Monster EP Release Show

Technicolor Monster returns to The Underground Friday, February 27th for an epic EP release show. 

Isaac Cowdrey, TM’s crimson coiffed frontman, delivers the details, “We’ve been working hard on the EP for a few months with the guys at Zinci Records and it’s finally time to release it into the world. The name of the EP is ‘Foreword’, it’s a compilation of a couple of songs we’ve been playing live for a while and a couple that are fairly new. One song,  ‘Troubled Kid’, has only been performed live once.  So it’s going to be fun to introduce it to a whole new audience.”

“We’ve got new songs, new merch, new surprises, and maybe even some new dance moves. It’s going to be RAD. We love partying and hanging out with our fans, and love making new ones. It’s like family for us, one big club that anyone can join and everyone can find a place. We can’t wait to share this with everyone,” adds Logan Hortenberry, drummer and mohawked madman for the group.

Doors for the show open at 7PM and tickets are $8. It’s a four band show, with Technicolor Monster headlining. J-Squared, Coal Train Robbery, and The Black Ties round out the bill. Contact or @tchnicolrmonstr for tickets and details. Every ticket comes with a free hug.

About Technicolor Monster
Self-taught musicians Isaac Cowdrey and Logan Hortenberry began their journey experimenting with different genres of music—pop, indie, punk, metal, jazz—and blended them together to create a sound that is truly their own. Their songs encompass a message of hope, unity and faith that draws the audience into the music and makes it a part of the part-party, part-performance experience that is Technicolor Monster.