Technicolor Monster Video Release – Troubled Kids

The dangerous duo of Technicolor Monster have been busy… and troubled. 

“We’ve been working on our first video for our song ‘Troubled Kids’, and we’re excited to announce that it’s debuting here on You guys do so much for us and local music, and since we’re Cincinnati born and bred, we felt like it was the perfect way to get this video out to the world,” explains Logan Hortenberry.

“It was a lot of fun putting this video together. We wanted to do something that captured the idea of the song, about what it’s like to be a kid who gets labeled, who’s too loud or can’t sit still, the ones who are misunderstood. The song really talks about just running with that, being who you are in spite of the labels. We talk about Neverland in the song, about finding the place where you can live who you are. If you don’t fit in, then embrace that and stand out,” adds Isaac Cowdrey 

Isaac continues, “We also would like to give a special thanks to Zinci Records for all the help in producing the song, and to Avril Bleh Deli for the shooting location. And especially to all our fans, the club, who have stuck with us and been so amazing in their support of this band. Thank you!”

The video is in support of their new LP, Prologue, which drops on June 29th. In addition, they will be opening for Nashville-based band COIN along with Kid Runner on April 24th at Madison Live. [Win Tickets]

About Technicolor Monster

Self-taught musicians Isaac Cowdrey and Logan Hortenberry began their journey experimenting with different genres of music—pop, indie, punk, metal, jazz—and blended them together to create a sound that is truly their own. Their songs encompass a message of hope, unity and faith that draws the audience into the music and makes it a part of the part-party, part-performance experience that is Technicolor Monster.