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Motel Faces Release BlackBird

Motel Faces released the video for "BlackBird" today! Check out the video and then head on down to The Southgate House Revival tonight to see them with The Josephines!

Motel Faces worked with Loren Turner who produced and engineered the song at his studio, GlassHead Audio. "BlackBird" broke 1k steams in the initial weekend it was released! Wowza! "BlackBird" was written in 2019, but they waited to learn the sweet dance moves for the video to release. I kid - they sat on it until they met Turner, who understood what direction to take the song.

"BlackBird was written over 2 years ago. But with it being so drastically different than anything else we had been doing, it sort of got pushed aside," says guitarist John Harper. "We ended up getting a DM on Instagram from former guitarist of Foxy Shazam, Loren Turner. He was trying to kickstart his recording studio and wanted to see if we'd be up for working with him. Something about the opportunity just spoke to us and instinctively knew this was the chance to bring BlackBird to life!"

Lead vocalist Nick Liston adds, "This song is really really about struggling with life and how past mistakes have shaped your life. The line "Bye Bye Blackbird" is actually from the Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies. The movie ends on that final word from John Dillinger telling her "Bye Bye Blackbird" and it really got me thinking about what can you really do and how could life have been different had you not made mistakes or chosen the wrong path in life? How can you change? or even can you change? It became a really deep thought experiment and was an idea that stuck with me after the movie."