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Motel Faces Premiere Give it Away

Tune into CincyMusic LIVE tomorrow at 11:30 am (EST) for the Live premiere of the video for "Give it Away" by Motel Faces! The video was shot at Urban Artifact, got some really cool local sentiments to it, and accidentally, a cool 1980's Van Halen vibe to it!

 We caught up with John of Motel Faces to get the skinny prior to the release tomorrow!

Tell us about the recording process for the video for “Give it Away”
 The idea for this video was born out of collaboration with the folks at Radio Artifact. We knew we wanted to do a video that was indicative of the vibe of the tune, like a modern interpretation of all those old Van Halen videos from the early 80s. With Give It Away being a high energy rock jam, we wanted it to feel like a live show. So we set up on the new stage at Urban Artifact like we would for a live performance and did what we do best. We tried to capture the energy of what we bring out at a live show, and especially with this song being one of the crazier songs in our catalog, we knew we just needed to bring the energy. We're hoping it helps people scratch their itch for live music a little bit in this 2020 state of not having any live shows.

What does the song mean to you?
 Give It Away was the first song we created when our new drummer (Matt Fisher) started playing with us back at the beginning of 2019. I think this song really represents a look forward into where we are headed musically. With our past catalog being more blues rock/punky type workings, this one really pushed us into new grounds and helped us explore a faster and heavier style. Once the pandemic happened, the song really took on a new meaning that's reflective of what we've all been dealing with in 2020. This year has really put us all through the ringer, but our love of making music and mutual respect for each other really helped us create a collection of songs that we hope brings people together.

What is next for Motel Faces?
 We have two more songs left from our EP that we want to shoot videos for. We have some ideas and plans for them, but we're just sort of taking our time and trying to navigate the current Covid world. I think we're also looking into figuring out the best way to schedule some time to do a Radio Artifact artists collab. Not exactly sure when and how yet, with Covid and the holidays coming up, it sure makes things tricky. But keep an eye out for that. I think we have something really cool in the works!