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Burritofest Returns for a Third Year

Cincinnati’s weirdest music festival is going for the hat trick, and its bigger than ever! A real BurTHREEtofest celebration if you will. Mark your calendars for May 9, 10, 11, and 12 and get yourself to The Comet in beautiful Northside!

This year, Burrito Boys Booking and The Comet have partnered with West Side Brewing to bring you a truly unique festival experience. They’ll have some delicious products on tap all weekend long so be sure to check them out! Their generosity and support have been invaluable!

Burritofest, like the humble burrito, offers listeners a tasteful combination of musical flavors, all rolled up together for convenient enjoyment. The concept was born out of the pandemic when the unique vibes of the local music community were so badly missed. Once it was safe to go out again, it felt right to really celebrate the eclectic beauty our scene had to offer. And to say this year’s festival is eclectic would be an understatement. It has everything from punk to americana, from folk to hip hop, experimental electronic music to beautiful acoustic ballads. You’ll see instruments like the accordion, the vibraphone, and even the electric digeridoo.

This year’s offerings have also expanded on Thursday! Both indoor and outdoor stages will be in use Thursday evening to bring maximum entertainment! This year will also feature a handful of traveling guests joining throughout the weekend including new friends from North Carolina, California, and Japan!

There will be three blocks of hilarious standup comedy on Saturday, once again provided by our pals at Bombs Away! Comedy. Saturday evening will conclude with Project Holiday: a Tribute to Ty. This set will honor Ty Holiday, a prolific local musician and very active Burritofest volunteer who tragically passed away in March. It will feature several of Ty’s friends performing songs that properly honor her memory. Sunday afternoon will again feature an acoustic singer-songwriter showcase curated by Max Vignola. As is standard on Sunday night at the Comet, the weekend will conclude that evening with a performance from the legendary Comet Bluegrass All-Stars!

As in past years, there will be a special burrito offered that weekend only. The food will no doubt be delicious as always, provided by our fabulous friends in The Comet’s kitchen!

Burritofest’s admission, as in past years, is done on a pay-what-you-can basis. Both cash and Venmo will be accepted. Everything you give will go to the performers and to cover operating costs. There will also be t-shirts available for purchase once again!

Burritofest is put on by Burrito Boys Booking, a collective of local creatives and show curators. The group put on over a dozen shows locally last year that featured just about every genre of music they could find in Cincinnati, as well as touring acts from all over the country. “We never thought this operation would balloon into what it is now” said a representative of the Burrito Boys, “we’re honored and humbled to get to serve local culture in the way that we do.”

 Bar Stage:
 9:00pm: Stokelys
10:00pm: Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots (Tokyo)
11:00pm: Fairmount Girls
11:45pm: Lung
 Grotto Stage:
 8:30pm: Gray Dodd
 9:30pm: Small Time Criminals
10:30pm: Okapi (Asheville)

 Bar Stage:
 6pm: Nick Fed
7pm: Maria Keck (full band performance)
  8pm: Heavy Hinges
9pm: Motel Faces
10pm: Tooth Lures a Fang
11pm: Us, Today
11:50pm: The Electric Indigo
Grotto Stage:
 6:30pm: Patrick Zopff
7:30pm: Happy Tuesday (acoustic performance)
8:30pm: Matt Rouch
9:30pm: Rachel Mousie
10:30pm: Jimmy Clepper

 Bar Stage:
5pm: Easy Mark
6pm: Good Soup (Dayton)
7pm: Nevernew
8pm: Caravan Discordia (Lexington)
9pm: D.O.S.
10pm: ¡Jayhill!
11pm: Heist
11:50pm: Project Holiday: A Tribute to Ty
Grotto Stage:
5:30pm: AJ Dallas
6:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy
7:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy
8:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy
9:30pm: Camel Jam featuring Fox the Paradox
10:30pm: John Hardin's Electric Didgeridoo Experience (California)

Bar Stage:
2pm: Max Vignola
2:45pm: Nicholas Johnson
3:30pm: The Laurelys
4:15pm: Jordan Smart
5pm: Carriers (solo)
6:30pm: Comet Bluegrass All-Stars