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Get To The Gig: Village Elder, Tooth Lures A Fang, Lo, The Loyal Conscripts @ Madison Live!

Coming up this Friday at Madison Live! Indy/Indie rock outfit Village Elder will be taking the stage as they continue prepping for the future release of their upcoming EP. Look for catchy hooks over indie punk instrumentation - and with two new songs in rotation, I’m sure there will be some surprises, too.

Joining them for the festivities, Cincy Power Pop quartet Tooth Lures A Fang continue their shows in support of their most recent - and excellent - release, Fake Control. They’ve released a trio of wildly different videos for their 3 singles, and are coming off a successful record release show just last month.

Getting things started, “post-everything” band Lo, The Loyal Conscripts will bring their own flavor to the evening’s proceedings, kicking things off with a healthy dose of weirdly fun jams.

All-in-all, it’s going to be a super fun night of super good music - so, you know, get to the gig and have some of that fun for yourself.

Get all the details and snag tickets ahead of time right here, and check out the (admittedly lovely) show flyer below for a condensed version of what I wrote above.



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Review: Tooth Lures A Fang - Fake Control 

Tooth Lures a Fang set out to make an album that doesn’t just highlight their commitment to actually being this version of the band, but lays such a solid foundation for what the band can do going forward it’s impossible not to get excited for the future.