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Live Stream to Benefit The Southgate House Revival with CincyMusic LIVE and Cincy Groove

CincyMusic and Cincy Groove have teamed up for two nights of Live Streaming music from over 20 amazing bands to benefit The Southgate House Revival on Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th!

The lineup includes: The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, 500 Miles to Memphis, Wonky Tonk, Erin Coburn, Freekbass, Moonbeau, Veronica Grim, Ricky Nye, Old Pictures / New Pictures, Black Signal, kid ESP, Carriers, Tooth Lures a Fang, Bundy and The Spins, Matt Baumann, Kyle Hackett, Mike Oberst and more TBA!

The Southgate House Revival is a cornerstone in the Cincinnati Music Community. In these times when venues are not able to operate at full capacity, we need to come together to help our home away from home survive.

The Southgate House Revival has a longstanding reputation of being one of the most supportive venues for live local music. For decades, the staff at the venue have provided a supportive atmosphere to allow musicians to hone their craft. They also have a reputation of being one of the first venues to bring many national artists to the market. Without such a venue we stand to miss out on the early development of many artists careers & will see many tours skip the market as a result. We have already seen the impact of losing WNKU. We can’t afford to lose one of the few venues in the market that have such a commitment to the early stages of artist careers. - Ian Bolender, CincyMusic

The Southgate House Revival to me is one of the most important venues in the city. I have been seeing shows at either the original building or the current one for going on 20 years. As a photographer I have shot thousands of photos over that time and made countless number of friends at the venue. Ross started something very special and his daughter Morrella is carrying it forward to the future. We should do anything we can to help Morrella and the staff at The Southgate House Revival in this difficult time. - Scott Preston, CincyGroove.com

How to support The Southgate House Revival:
  Venmo: @southgatehouse-revival
 Paypal: sghbooking@gmail.com
 Give what you can! Links will be provided during each Live set as well.

Dates: Friday September 18th and Saturday September 19th
 Time: 5p - 11p EST
 Where: CincyMusic Facebook Page


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