Matt Baumann

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Matt Baumann began his music journey as a classical, jazz, and ambient saxophonist. Even while studying the likes of Albert Ayler and John Coltrane in high school in St. Louis, MO, and then in college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Matt was just as intrigued with the music of singer-songwriters. He was drawn to the truth, sincerity, emotion, and power evoked by the likes of Warren Zevon, Tom Waits, and Woody Guthrie. After having a dream in which he was playing banjo and singing

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Musicians Band Together to Raise Money for Melodic Connections 

Melodic Connections is a non-profit community music therapy studio that serves 600 individuals in the community, providing services to all ages and abilities.  They prepare their students for the community and prepare the community for their students. At Melodic...

Bernin Down the House Set Times Announced 

Get ready, this Saturday The Southgate House Revival is hosting a full house show in order to raise support and awareness for Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders! In case you missed it, check out our interview with the event organizer here. $10 is the suggested minimum donation. You...

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Foxfire Freedom Festival Looks Forward to New Location 

The Foxfire Freedom Festival looks forward to kicking off its second annual event on September 11th and 12th at a new location.  Morgan’s Canoe & Campground in Morrow, OH will be the setting for a weekend of fun, fellowship, tradition, and opportunities to learn about living...

Wolfcryer: Brings Beauty and Turmoil 

Matt Baumann aka Wolfcryer as some folks know him as, has just released a two song EP. Something simple, but with much to say about where his life is going these days. Matt has had quite the changes happen in the past year and half. With getting married and now his wife is set to have their first...

DCCH Music Fest Sponsored by WNKU 

2 Stages – 12 Bands! DCCH Center is a residential treatment facility in Ft. Mitchell, KY caring for abused and maltreated children.  All net proceeds from the DCCH Music Fest provide 40 abused children with a safe home, food, clothing, therapy and education.  DCCH Center helps...

WolfCryer - The Prospect of Wind, The Prospect of Change 

As an entity, the city of Cincinnati plays host to a wide variety of solo musicians, who within their solitary existence regularly find solidarity and companionship - what they don’t have by way of bandmates, they more than make up for in friendships with other solo artists. What they’re...

Foxfire Freedom Festival is The Place to Be This Weekend 

A Music and Sustainability festival to take place over the Fourth of July weekend at the Chateau Laroche (aka The Loveland Castle) with demonstrations, workshop, and tons of great music! Food will be provided by the fantastic Wunderbar! Friday July 4th5:30-6:30 Will Kimble6:30-7:30 Hickory...

Our Weekend Picks :: August 10, 2012 

It looks like the rain will be out of the area in time for the Cincy Blues Fest at Sawyer Point tonight. Tickets are only $15 ($20 day of) for a single day and $20 ($25 day of) for a two day pass. Our other picks for the weekend are below, but you can make up your own mind by looking at our...

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