Wolfcryer: Brings Beauty and Turmoil

Matt Baumann aka Wolfcryer as some folks know him as, has just released a two song EP. Something simple, but with much to say about where his life is going these days. Matt has had quite the changes happen in the past year and half. With getting married and now his wife is set to have their first child which leads me into the first song. 

“Go Out and See the World,” is a song that sticks. It’s a song that is full of hope, and tells you to grab hold of life and use the highway as your road map. A song that from my opinion, says to get caught up in the trappings of a daily grind see what this world has to offer in all of its rage and glory. Its beauty and turmoil go and see it all live it all and experience it all. To the technical side of the side song Matt’s simple guitar wraps the melody around the words into a hopeful song that made me when I first hear it seriously, and still, reconsider where this ship is going. His deep baritone voice breathes effortlessly through a soon to be father out to an unborn daughter in a humble and gracious tone.

The second song “St. Anthony” is a raucous rocking song in a Bruce Springsteen getting out of town way. Seeing the “visions of the open road...” bellowed in the first verse. Matt enlisted the help of: Mark Becknell (drummer from Frontier Folk Nebraska), Jeremy Smart (electric guitar player from Ben Knight and The Welldiggers), and Jon Doll (upright bass player from The Part-Time Gentlemen). Three and one half minutes worth of asking the patron saint of finding lost things or people to help guide him. An inner reflection of where Matt’s heart has been with music. With a being a new dad the reflection has begun to seep in. For us the listener this a most wonderful thing, but for the artist this is tough. When I asked Matt about where he found (ironically enough) the inspiration for this song he told me this, “I’ve been pulling back on playing music lately and felt like I was sort of losing my way, so that song was born out of that struggle.” All artists do it at some point or for a good long while, they or we begin to question our worth or question ourselves in general. Matt Baumann aka Wolfcryer, needs not to do this. Lyrically his songs are escapes and adventures, and real. Real life emotion spilling out of a bear – I – tone of a voice, and a guitar that simply compliments the words and melodious overtones, calls from within himself and maybe out to all of us, go out into the world and grab it by the horns for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. This is at least the feelings I gathered. 

The release of these two tracks can be found on his bandcamp page. Wolfcryer also has many other tunes out there for your listening and viewing pleasure. He is a great talent indeed and these are just two songs I think are saying thank you for now, not forever but just for a few. Sort of tipping the cap and giving his unborn child something to listen too, some words of advice and encouragement. Go visit his bandcamp page for latest new and updates, and especially for these two songs.  

You can catch Wolfcryer next at The Southgate House Revival on Friday, August 28th and again on Monday, August 31st at MOTR Pub!

Music is life, it’s up to us to listen.