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Moose Gronholm

Moose is originally from Chicago. The river's howl and the string band music brought him here via steel horse known as a Ford Taurus in 2011. He found the pen and word before he could play a note on a guitar. He experiences life and writes about it. See the country and of its wondrous places. Those are his two mottos. He loves Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson, and Kerouac, Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, Alcott, and Atwood. That's Moose, a simple dude who loves music and writing, and his family.

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SINGLE REVIEW: On a Roll - Elijah Batson

Elijah Batson is the author of this fantastic song. I would suggest giving it a listen, it’s a pretty great driving-around song.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Even Still, We Were Together by Dead, Dead Swans

Catch Dead, Dead Swans at Oddfellows on Friday, April 12th!

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Josh Eagle and The Harvest City: Let's Just Make Something Beautiful

A couple of weeks ago Josh Eagle and The Harvest City released two songs “My Little Town” and “Fire and the Fog,” which are set to be part of his upcoming album, Let's Just Make Something Beautiful. He has two more coming this Friday the 26th “Glue Sniffer” and “Oceans.”

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Danger! EP Review

Danger! Is back, and no that is not a warning of some sort, or maybe it is? Either way we slice this though Danger! The band released their first four song ep a week ago, and it has been an honor to sit with this and to now review for the fellas.

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REVIEW: Good Friends by Danger!

Danger! Put together a song that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to. I’ve heard a few musicians and artists say, “Always leave them wanting more,” and Danger! has certainly done that.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Cutler Station: I Wanna Build A New Machine

Give your ears a chance with Cutler Station as they’ve done something well with this. Happy listening.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Green Acres Motel: Gunslingers

Bringing a sound that is not polished. It has some rust and rawness to it, a broken corner that just makes sense. And it is through this rust, that I think Gunslingers channeled a sound, or are channeling a sound, that is impactful.

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REVIEW: The Women’s Groovement: Volume One

Lisa Sullivan and I met up so she could drop my copy of The Women’s Groovement: Volume One, into my hands. A record comprised of various women artists, singing some original tunes plus one cover, and all to benefit The ION Center for Violence Prevention.

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REVIEW: Night Owl - Empress

That these songs on their own are like novellas. Short stories of the Queen City, and Northern Kentucky areas, but with something deeper lying beneath that surface. Through the eight tracks there was something that felt a little haunting as well.

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EP REVIEW: The Eternal Now

The ep kicks off with a song called “Tomorrow” and is a great introduction into what these guys do. This has everything that, for me, I enjoy about metal. Jim just absolutely crushes the guitar parts. Steve has a way of wrapping his vocal around the guitar. When Jim goes high so can Steve, if they go low so does Steve.

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REVIEW: The Great Beyond by Night Owl

A person’s interpretation of a song’s lyrics is, and can be, unique to them. Being that I’m not the one who wrote the song either I come from feel. Lyrically I dig this song. It seemingly comes from a place of some darkness, and I appreciate that.

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REVIEW: “Big Booty Judy” by The M.F.B.

The band is The M.F.B. and to quote their YouTube page “there’s a reason why we’re called THE M.F.B. After one night with us you’ll realize why.” Well, I haven’t spent the night with them, yet, but I did spend the weekend with their latest music video called “Big Booty Judy.”