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Moose Gronholm

Moose is originally from Chicago. The river's howl and the string band music brought him here via steel horse known as a Ford Taurus in 2011. He found the pen and word before he could play a note on a guitar. He experiences life and writes about it. See the country and of its wondrous places. Those are his two mottos. He loves Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson, and Kerouac, Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, Alcott, and Atwood. That's Moose, a simple dude who loves music and writing, and his family.

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Review: OK, I Feel Better Now - Kelly Hoppenjans

Kelly Hoppenjans is currently residing in Nashville making her way in the vibrant music scene there. She has released her third album “Ok, I Feel Better Now” a sort of coming of age album with a hint of I’m doing this my way sprinkled in. Within the ten tracks she outlines what she sees as a human being walking this world, as well as, being a woman in the entertainment industry. 

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Review: Six Feet of Earth: Mike Oberst

It is the title track for me that truly encapsulates many feelings we have going on right now. “Six Feet of Earth” is a song that to sum it up simply means that in the end it does not matter how rich or how poor you are. As we are all the same under six feet of earth. 

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Album Review: The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger

Separation only makes the heart grow fonder, or however that saying goes and these four dudes in forty-one minutes proved that.

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Moose’s 2018 Year in Review

The following is a list of musicians that for me did something really great this year. Listening to their albums or seeing them in person however the situation landed itself something about them moved me.

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An Interview with Photographer Lisa Sullivan

"I love people. I have never met a stranger. I appreciate learning about people, helping people when I can and belonging to a community. I enjoy making people laugh, especially catching them off guard with a laugh, having a candid moment. I think that's why the photography plays a big part of who I am."

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The Tillers: The Album

A band of brothers and a band that, in my opinion, is the epitome of do-it-yourself and one that personifies the punk rock that shaped them as humans and musician’s, they are The Tillers.

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Erin Coburn: Queen of Nothing

Erin Coburn has been playing and writing songs since she was at least thirteen, and quite possibly even younger. Born in Bluegrass Country among the rolling hills of Kentucky it where that she found the blues, learned it, and is leaving her mark on it.

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Review: JD Wilkes & The Legendary Shack Shakers

The Legendary Shack Shakers with JD Wilkes have been around since 1996. Their raucous shows have made them truly legendary. The show is something one has to experience to truly understand. Anyone that has seen them, myself included, these guys stick with you. With JD as their front man he is every bit a show man, and true artist to form. The man did get his degree in art from Murray State, and he has certainly put it to use.

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Women Behind the Music in Cincinnati: Misty Perholtz

I have had the pleasure of knowing Misty Perholtz for a few years now. I met her and her husband Jeff Perholtz a while ago, and when it comes to musical couples they are something beyond the else, and as an individual Misty is someone that lives and breathes music.

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Ben Miller Band: Choke Cherry Tree

Ben Miller Band has been at this since 2005. They hail from Joplin, Missouri in the heart of the Midwest, and their music unabashedly up front and honest. They have a few albums under their belts at this point. Most notably an album aptly dubbed Record for Joplin in which the album is a tribute to all of those that suffered through the devastating tornado in 2011.

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Album Review: Warrick & Lowell

For a few years now Warrick & Lowell have been gigging around our Queen City. Playing the Southgate House or The Crow's Nest along with playing the Whispering Beard Folk Festival, and now, finally, they have a put out an album of eight cut your teeth on country tunes. The wait is finally over and they truly make the old saying real "patience is a virtue beholden by few." They truly made it worth it.

My Year in Review

When the year began there was much in the way. The one constant though, and as always was music. There is so much music out there, and so much yet to come. Here it is, enjoy, take a listen, and hope you dig it.