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REVIEW: The Women’s Groovement: Volume One

In a Frisch’s parking lot in lovely downtown Covington, Kentucky where many deals of all sorts have gone down, I had the lovely pleasure of doing a deal with someone truly exceptional. Lisa Sullivan and I met up so she could drop my copy of The Women’s Groovement: Volume One, into my hands. A record comprised of various women artists, singing some original tunes plus one cover, and all to benefit The ION Center for Violence Prevention. In this parking lot we caught up. Had a conversation about all things pertaining to the record. From the production, which Rob McAllister helped in finalizing, musicians, and the stress of putting something like this together having never done it before. 

Lisa Sullivan when I first met her oh so many moons ago was a photographer from what I knew about her at that time, and she still is. She’s shot most of our local musician’s at least once. Then things evolved for her, and The Women’s Groovement came about. This was her foray into wrangling some musicians to lend their songs to a vinyl record for a charitable cause. Lisa is also a grandmother, mother, and wife, and while all of that can be stressful putting something like this together can be equally as stressful, the smile on her face for accomplishing this though showed me that this was worth the stress. Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone can be challenging, and should be, and she stayed with it and put something together that is really good. She wrangled the likes of Krystal Peterson, Maria Carrelli, Leggy, Honey & Houston, and many more for an eleven-song record that showcases some of the great women artists we have in and around Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area. Along with regional folks and some national. I would encourage anyone who has the record to take a listen to the individual artists’ records. As each one is quite amazing and worth the listen. Most of these women, if not all, we have probably covered right here on CincyMusic.

Seeing who lent their tracks also was a nice surprise. I had heard most of the tracks on the respective artists own albums, but to simply sit back and listen to this record, sort of like a soundtrack, on a record player is always a pleasant experience. Gotta love vinyl. The needle hit the record and “Church” by Honey and Houston kicked it all off. And I just kicked back and let it go from there. The sequencing of the songs was well done. The song choices were awesome also. Like, I kinda mentioned before I had heard some of these already. I was excited to hear Lauren Eylise’s “Bad Choices,” and this is just fantastic. I could do a whole review just on this song, for multiple reasons. One being she is brand new to me, and two because it’s a damn good song. It’s one of those songs that gave me the goosebumps. Because I’ve made my own share of bad choices. I really don’t want to give too much away, because y’all really should check this album out. Just some great songs on here, but some truly great musician’s in and around our scene.

A few months ago, Lisa reached out to me about the record, and I was more than happy to lend my support. Not about doing this review, just that she had this coming out. I happily obliged simply because she put it together and knowing nothing else. Then once the record was in my hands and knowing that the proceeds were going to ION it was a great feeling knowing who the proceeds were going to. To be honest I knew it was benefiting a charity just wasn’t sure which one. Then when she told me who it was benefiting and I did some searching I was more than happy to lend something to ION. ION is located in Covington and quoting directly from their homepage “The Ion Center offers free, confidential support and services to victim-survivors of all identities who have experienced power-based personal violence such as sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, and/or stalking (The Ion Center was previously known as Women’s Crisis Center).” Lisa emphasized to me that they could really use the help. Above all that is what I hope the most that they, the ION Center, get some help. And, if you need some help please reach out to them with the information provided here .

Lisa ventured into this not knowing what was going to happen and came out of it unscathed. Maybe a few more grey hairs, but with an experience that I hope she continues. Her excitement in talking about this was infectious. I’ve made records with bands before. They can be stressful, fun, and a whole host of other emotions, but when finished rewarding. Currently The Women’s Groovement is only available on vinyl and for purchase directly from Lisa. You can find The Women’s Groovement on facebook and Instagram, and you can probably purchase through there as well. Or, donate to the ION Center, or both. As both would be more than appreciated. Because in the end the proceeds go to help ION Center for Violence Prevention. They could really use the support. The album release will be at the Southgate House Revival on Sunday October 16th at 3:30pm with Harlot hosting a Songwriters’ Round in The Lounge. Enjoy the music, be kind, and be well.