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REVIEW: Good Friends by Danger!

While relaxing on a Saturday afternoon pondering the many ins and outs of life and what-have- you I received a message from the band Danger! The message was wondering if I could review their latest single which has been out for a couple of weeks now called “Good Friends.” I said of course. A couple of questions later, and many listens here is that review.

Like any introduction goes we should know the who’s who of the band. Zack Jordan (guitar), Zane Thompson (guitar), Brendan Eveslage (bass), Graham Parks (drums), and Zach Weigel (vocals). I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the music. Zane Thompson, who plays guitar, I know but when I saw that he was in a band my interest peeked. Once this single “Good Friends” was released I jumped on it. After I’m not entirely sure how many listens I enjoy it. It has this mix of punk rock with a rusted twist of 80’s mono because of Zach Weigel’s vocals. All keeping it wholly original and authentic to them. I prefer to not make any comparisons to any other bands, because while Danger! May sound like this band or that band, however, they are wholly themselves.

Throughout the entire three minutes and eighteen seconds, there was something that felt refreshing to hear. Maybe it’s my head space, maybe it’s true, either way, and whatever way you slice it for me this felt refreshing to hear. Graham Parks laying into that snare, and I’ve painted a picture of the band sort of all around Graham and playing off him. That’s just me though. While the guitars thrash Zach Weigel wraps his lyrics around these guys that are poignant. The opening verse felt like what people would say about you and the vocal gives it an extra longing.

Danger! Put together a song that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to. I’ve heard a few musicians and artists say, “Always leave them wanting more,” and Danger! has certainly done that. They do have another single dropping next week, I believe, and they have an EP dropping at the end of October. I go into every listen to any band with zero expectations, because you never know what you will hear, and living with “Good Friends” for a week or two has stuck to my skin and has left me wanting more. I need to give credit to Ryan Mar as well. Because according to the band, “he was instrumental in getting this all recorded (no pun intended).” However, always intend the pun fellas, please. Zack Jordan, Zane Thompson, Brendan Eveslage, Graham Parks, and Zach Weigel also known as Danger! If they are not on your radar, please put them there. They are playing shows all around town, and with “Good Friends” and their second single “Give and Take” will be dropping next week. Give them a follow, a like, a download, on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or SoundCloud, and check ‘em out at an upcoming show. They are a fantastic follow-on Instagram, and you can follow the link in their bio to all the other places. Happy listening and enjoy the song.


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