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Josh Eagle and The Harvest City: Let's Just Make Something Beautiful

A couple of weeks ago Josh Eagle and The Harvest City released two songs “My Little Town” and “Fire and the Fog,” which are set to be part of his upcoming album, Let's Just Make Something Beautiful. He has two more coming this Friday the 26th “Glue Sniffer” and “Oceans.” He asked if I could put some words together for these, and well, here ya go.

“My Little Town” was released a couple of weeks ago and was the first of the four songs I listened to. From what I gathered it is a song Josh put together while he was out west for a spell. The song gave me a desert feel within the sonics. With the guitars that dance around, and Angela Perley’s backing vocals bringing the song came from somewhere to here for us to hear. It also has a hint of Ohio flavor in it. I found the way Josh sort of sings the song to the melody of “Say Darlin’ Say” to be sort of a nod to the Ohio roots. No idea if this was intentional or not, and I could be wrong, but I found it as something good. “Fire and the Fog” seemingly comes from a place from the ether. As Josh put it “it was from Covid lockdown.” Lots of Game of Thrones with their dragons (the fire) and Covid (the fog), lent to a song with nods to inspirations such as Jackson Browne, John Prine, and Joni Mitchell. What I enjoy is how these two songs fit together. Somehow in a place where lyrically they don’t fit, but within the sonics there’s a match, which lends to maybe one is the sugar, and one is the spice. I like how two songs can take you to two different places yet feel that you never left where you are.

The next two “Glue Sniffer” and “Oceans” played like something transportational. Not sure how to describe it. Maybe it’s the effects on the guitars, maybe it’s the strings, hell maybe it’s just what music does, moreover maybe it is my current state, however, it came to be for me there was something within these songs that felt like I was somewhere else. According to Josh he’s never “sniffed much glue,” and he loves the ocean. “Oceans” is big sounding, but not overpowering. Layered with strings, guitars, and vocals. I may be crazy, but I don’t think I heard drums on “Oceans” either. And oceans are, well, big. However, within that big sound that song has more bones to it than that. That’s what Josh does, and I feel does well.

Josh’s music these past few years keeps doing this thing to me where it feels like a road trip but I’m still in my apartment on my couch. I have zero issue with this, as this is a good thing. It’s like I went somewhere but never left. I listened to these songs while I was at work also, and while doing work stuff the songs did this. I love it. I love it when any art does that dance. Having spent some time with these four songs they tend to live inside of you for a bit. I wasn’t present at the time of their arrival and then recording, but now that have arrived has left me grateful. Josh said I was one of the first humans to lend their ear to “Glue Sniffer” and “Oceans,” and I wondered who might the non-human(s) be? He mentioned that his dog Gonzo, who passed away, was a non-human and I liked being a part of that good company. Gonzo had the best ear out of all of us, I’d like to think.

I must mention that Nick Kurth of the band High Definitions lent his stylings to a lot of the tunes. Angela Perley, who needs no introduction to the icon that she is, lends her vocals to “My Little Town.” Willie Eger adds bass, violin, guitars, and as Josh put it “all around guru weirdness.” The tracks were recorded with Willie and Josh at Cowboy Studios in Columbus, Ohio. The songs are for you all to enjoy. I enjoy Josh’s songs. There’s something within the storytelling that catches me. A tip of the cap to an inspiration, or tip of the cap to a melody, it’s the beauty of music. I don’t know where these songs came from, but where they are going only your ears can tell.

 Josh is @josheaglelovesyou on Instagram where you can find links to the two songs that are live now, and the two that will be coming out on Friday. Take the fifteen minutes and enjoy the listen. Be kind, be well, and have a pleasant day.