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Foxfire Freedom Festival Looks Forward to New Location

The Foxfire Freedom Festival looks forward to kicking off its second annual event on September 11th and 12th at a new location.  Morgan’s Canoe & Campground in Morrow, OH will be the setting for a weekend of fun, fellowship, tradition, and opportunities to learn about living sustainably.  The event will be family friendly atmosphere with room to camp and canoe trips available to add to the weekend’s festivities.  In addition to live music, Foxfire will also include vendor and demonstration booths featuring ECOnsciously, Sloth’s Nest Stuff & Things, Recyclabowls, the Little Miami Conservancy, and on Saturday a workshop on Bees and Beekeeping.  Of course, there will be live music on Friday evening and all day Saturday from a main stage, and both nights will feature fireside music afterward.  

Tony Hall, the Foxfire Freedom Festival’s organizer, is excited to host this event for the second year.  His motivation for the festival was for two main reasons, the first being an opportunity for the many musicians who do not get to perform at higher-profile festivals around town and to showcase their talents.  You may not have heard all of the names, but you can still expect great sounds all weekend.  Many of the people playing have some familiarity to each other and frequently contribute to each other’s live and recorded performances, so the energy will be something special.

Hall’s second reason for the festival explains the title of the festival itself, named after the Foxfire book series.  The Foxfire books are an an extensive study of the people of Appalachia, who are incredibly self-reliant and have a lot to teach us in that respect.  Like anyone else raised on a farm, sustainability isn't just a buzz word, and the way of living Hall learned as he was growing up now guides his lifestyle goals of independence and self-reliance.  The goal for this festival is to bring similarly interested people together in that spirit.  Got an instrument?  When the programmed music is over or before it begins in the mornings, you’ll be sure to find someone ready to share some tunes with you.

Advance tickets can be purchased for $40 at Morgan’s or Wunderbar in Covington.  Same-day weekend passes will cost $45, or you can come for just one day for $15. 

Music lineup:

Friday, September 11 Main Stage:
6:00 pm  Cat Sabin
7:00 pm  Jared Schaedle
8:00 pm  Easy Tom Eby
9:00 pm  Dead Man String Band

Friday, September 11 Fireside:
10:00 pm  Heather Hamlet
11:00 pm  Richard Cisneros

Saturday, September 12 Main Stage:
12:30 pm  Matt Cowherd
1:00 pm   Little Miami String Band
2:00 pm  Adam Singer
2:30 pm  Songwriter's Round -Achilles Tenderloin/Greg Mahan/Wolfcryer
4:00 pm  Black Mountain Throwdown
5:00 pm  Aaron Hedrick trio
6:00 pm  Simply Dan String Band
7:00 pm  Lawson Reunion Band
8:00 pm  Baoku Moses And The Image Afro-Beat Band
9:00 pm  Common Center

Saturday, September 12 Fireside:
10:30 pm  Blue Caboose



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