Aaron Hedrick a Local Musician Making His Own Rules

Aaron Hedrick has been playing locally professionally for 14 years. Aaron plays solo as well as with his other two bands, Bearfoot Pickers and Working Class Villain. His style of bluegrass, funk and rock fusion makes it impossible not to dance and have a good time. 

We caught up with the busy musician to get a grasp on how it is to be a staple in our music community.

Give us some backstory on Aaron Hedrick...
I have been playing music for 21 years and have been playing professionally since 2000. I have shared the stage with Sara Evans, Dave Mason and Soul Asylum among others. Working Class Villain was formed in 2002 and BearFoot Pickers in 2011.

I am a father of 4 (Shelby, Chloe, Maddox and Maverik). I am a living organ donor as I gave my kidney to my sister in 2007. My oldest son Maddox had open heart surgery in 2011 at 6 months of age... Being a self employed musician father of 4 dealing with struggles has not been easy. But I love what I do and not being bitter about a job I hate enables me to be a better father.

I have lived in greater Cincinnati my whole life. Released solo CD Working Class Villain in 2006. I also have a promotion company, Curbside Attractions; Entertainment Solutions (booking, DJ, live sound and live audio and video recording). 

When did you start playing music? How did you know this was your calling?
I knew music was my calling since I was about 4 years old. My dad and uncles were in a band when I was young. And the Beatles and Beach Boys were one of my earliest musical influences. 

When forming a band, what proponents do you look at?
I tend to learn toward players with high improvisational abilities, a good ear and easy to get along with... 

Working Class Villain, Bearfoot Pickers, playing solo...what is your favorite?
I think my most recent band that is still under construction, Double A Highway.. which is sort of a hybrid project mixing some of the songs from Working Class Villain and BearFoot Pickers. 

Tell us a little about each band. What differentiates them?
Working Class Villain was formed in 2002.The sound is a rhythm and soul with psychedelic sensibilities. Heavy and melody and message.

BearFoot Pickers: Outlaw JamGrass, 4 vocalists, high energy. 

When writing, what inspires you?
When writing... usual I am inspired by social happenings or personal events. I usually try and marinate on an idea for awhile and try and separate myself from making it seem too personal and from the "I" perspective. But sometimes I just write tongue in cheek stories... 

What is next for Aaron Hedrick, Working Class Villain and Bearfoot Pickers?
Working Class Villain will be releasing a new CD From the Mind of Man by end of March 2014. Every Sunday I am hosting the open mic at Wunderbar 7:30-12:30.



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