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Dan Van Vechten shares his love for local music by putting it in his blog.  If there is a band or a venue you've never heard of in town that could use your attention, he's going to try to get your attention.  When he's not writing about music, Dan is often writing songs of his own and playing them in the places folky singer/songwriters go.

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Sleepy Andy Tracy & Jake Tracy Release Video for Still

Both brothers are writers, singers, and multi-instrumentalists, so they knew how to stitch together different tracks and add layers after sending them to each other.

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Women Behind the Music in Cincinnati: Terrie Markesbery

Just as the General Store represents Rabbit Hash, there would be no store without the resilience of Terrie Markesbery.

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Smoke Parade releases “Funeral” single

I’ll tell you, folks. I couldn’t be happier for Taylor Shannon. It’s not easy to have so many expectations heaped on to you at a young age, and it takes guts for someone to shake off their success as well as their failures in order to try new things.

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Common Center releases To Swallow Something Half Your Size EP

Common Center recently released an EP called, To Swallow Something Half Your Size.  Now normally, this is where I’d give you a breakdown of each song and let you know what images were conjured in my head as I listened to the lyrics.  These songs aren’t those kinds of songs.

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Joe’s Truck Stop to release American Dreams at Southgate House Revival

Okay, let’s start off with the important stuff. Joe’s Truck Stop is releasing their new album, American Dreams, this Friday at the Southgate House Revival. You need to be there. Sure, you can listen to the album and I hope you do, but the collection of musicians involved in the recording are worth hearing in person.

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Young Heirlooms: The Hammer

The Young Heirlooms are releasing a new album tonight called The Hammer. I agreed to do this review three weeks ago, so the day before it comes out should be the ideal time to get started on it, right? Uh… sorry, Young Heirlooms. I’ll get on this right away. In the interest of time, I will play the album for the first time on my lunch break and write out my reactions as I listen.

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Jeremy Pinnell: Ties of Blood and Affection

There is a lot of good music of all kinds in this area. There are so many good musicians and songwriters around, along with venues that regularly host such talents, that I will often discover a new favorite by accident. That’s how I first heard Jeremy Pinnell.

Dead Man String Band is an Art Form of Itself

(Picture it, June 2016, at the Bunbury Music Festival) “Let’s see…  I want to check out a band I haven’t seen before…  hmmm….  who’s playing?  Oooh, cool!  Dead Man String Band!  I really like string bands, with the banjos...

Neighborhood Venues in Cincinnati: Wunderbar

It’s like church.  Every Sunday, people from all walks of life crowd into a West Covington bar to break bread, enjoy some spirits, and come together over a shared love of music.  Like church, it’s not the building that makes the congregation a community, but the common ground...

Mighty Brother brings Jettison. Reprise. to Cincinnati

So I get this message a couple of months ago from Jake Ryan, who introduced himself on behalf of a band called Mighty Brother.  He was interested in booking a show in Cincinnati and was scouting for local acts to help find the right venue to get their music out to new ears.  I looked up...

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Foxfire Freedom Festival Looks Forward to New Location

The Foxfire Freedom Festival looks forward to kicking off its second annual event on September 11th and 12th at a new location.  Morgan’s Canoe & Campground in Morrow, OH will be the setting for a weekend of fun, fellowship, tradition, and opportunities to learn about living...

Broken Lines is Hard Drivin’ Bluegrass

It’s not very difficult to become a fan of the Rubber Knife Gang.  There are a lot of string bands around town whose styles range from the most traditional to more modern versions of folk themes.  I love bands made up of musicians who have really delved into their roots and found...