Bernin Down the House Set Times Announced

Get ready, this Saturday The Southgate House Revival is hosting a full house show in order to raise support and awareness for Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders! In case you missed it, check out our interview with the event organizer here. $10 is the suggested minimum donation. You may make your donation at the door via volunteers with tablets or you may present a copy of a digital receipt from ActBlue (the campaign's donation processor) dated Feb 26th or 27th

The Sanctuary
5:00: The Part-Time Gentlemen
5:40: Lost Coast
6:20: Cultural Vultures
7:00: The Whiskey Shambles
7:40: JetLab
8:20: The Terror Electric
9:00: Jess Lamb
9:40: Black Signal
10:20: SS-20
11:00 Seedy Seeds
11:40: Lemon Sky
12:20: Zebras in Public 

5:30: The Crick Gypsies
6:10: Andrew Hibbard
6:50: Public Figure
7:30: Wolfcryer
8:10: Joe’s Truck Stop
8:50: Lance Walen
9:30: Noah Smith
10:10: Little Lights vs Disaster Class
10:50: Vibrant Troubadours
11:30: Two Inch Winky
12:10: FoRealism Tribe 

Revival Room
6:00: Aaron Hedrick
6:40: Robert Dale Sager
7:20: Danbient
8:00: BIG’UNS
8:40: Mr. Pointy
9:20: Comprador
10:00: France vs. France
10:40: New Moons
11:20: Andriod 86
12:00: The ZG’s 


Cincinnati is Berning Down The House 

Many of you may know Matt Ogden from Black Signal. They picked up the CEA for “Best Electronic Act” in 2014 and again in 2016! What you may not know about Matt (among other things) is that he is one hell of a show booker. In just a few days, he wrangled over 40 bands to play a full...