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Little Lights

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Emmie Bishop - Vocals and Guitar - had been playing with locals Evans Collective (now We Are Snapdragon) for a time when she met Scot Torres - keys - (State Song). The two began a short lived collaboration tenatively called Bare Mask. Those couple of songs and a few of Emmie's previous works formed the basis of what would become Little Lights. Scot brought Gabriel Molnar - guitar and programming - (1000 Arms, Sometimes) to one of Evans regular shows, and he shortly offered Emmie his place as lead vocals in Sometimes. This didn't happen, but a collaboration was inevitable, and soon what became Little Lights began to show form and purpose. Sure, Scot left to focus on State Song, and another keyboard player didn't really work out, but, after some tentative acoustic shows, Megan Scharff - Viola - joined as a full time member to help fill out the sound. 

Think 50's bubble gum run through the ringer of 90's shoegaze. Think Doris Day fronting Cocteau Twins. With that in mind, you might get close to what Little Lights brings to a performance, and, before you ask, no, they are not looking for a drummer.

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