Record Store Day in Cincinnati

Happy Record Store Day Cincinnati! Record Store Day is an annual holiday celebrating the independent record store. In honor of this holiday, artists and labels print special releases available exclusively at indie record stores. Cincinnati is a lucky city as we have a plethora of independent record stores in our city; Shake It Records, Phil's Music and Memories, Everybody's Records, Black Plastic Records, Another Part of the Forest, Moles Record and CD and Sugercube Records! Not only is it a great day to shop but a number of our independent record stores have live music lined up!

Black Plastic Records
Molly Sullivan 1:30
The Yugos 4:00
Bridget Battle 5:00
Vampire Weekend at Bernies (easter edition) 6:00
Little Lights 8:00
The Debauchees 9:00
Sleeves 10:00 

Everybody's Records
The Clazels 1:00
Psychodots 2:00
Roger Klug 3:00
Beautiful States 4:00
Playfully Yours 5:00
Members of The Pinstripes 6:00
Black Owls 7:00

Shake It Records
Tweens 8:00

Go grab a coffee, get to your favorite independent record store and celebrate the love of vinyl and Cincinnati local music today!