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Black Signal

Decompression nosebleeds are a persistent nuisance, a familiar sanity and a familiar start to a Sunday Morning. Im disturbed to enjoy a calmness in their regularity. A calmness amongst the confines of this metal prison. Survival is so cold from the depths of space. The shattered remains of a fairytale life display on the station viewing screen. Earth, I mustve lived there in a dream. I remember the sun on the surface, before the earth was covered in ash. I remember the brightness and the warmth and the look on my mother’s face... she was so proud. That is the way I will always remember her. It is so cold in space.

Black Signal makes music for caustic nights of seclusion and terrifying journeys through the abandoned, crumbling cityscapes of a disturbing future dystopia. - Each Note Secure
Blue LED Helmets and Live Visual Projection help create an otherworldly feel as Black Signal navigates the stage from their cockpit of sequencers and synthesizers.

Black Signal creates a collage of varying electronic sounds and structures, providing danceable beatscapes that morph into dark, nightmarish atmospherics without advance warning. Black Signals sonic puzzle is made up of shape-shifting electronica turned inside out, tearing down any boundaries conceivable. - CityBeat

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