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Black Signal Releases ARRIVAL

SynthLord and LaserAxe of Black Signal are at it again, knocking out the human race with their sweet synth sounds. We thought we were safe, but here they go again and the captured HUMANS have become one with the ROBOT ARMY!! Get ready to get onboard to spread the Robot Religion amongst the HUMANS with ARRIVAL - the brand new EP from Black Signal!!

Listen to ARRIVAL NOW!

About Black Signal:
 Towering over the battlefield, still ablaze, beset by scorched earth, the riders enrage the sky. Barbaric whips of laser flame spray from their canons, taunting and commanding the machines below. Emerging over the vast wasteland, the endless, industrial forge, looms on the horizon. This is a world destroyed and rebuilt with machines. This is the death of humanity. The spark ignites. The robot army comes online.

Clad in leather and lights, Black Signal (2-time winner: Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Electronic Act) is a 2 piece, live cyberpunk/synthwave band. Synth and guitar mesh with digital drums as they navigate the stage of programmed lights and visual flair. Inspired by a love for retro video games and sci-fi movies, the live show is an interactive experience narrated through projected visuals with a HAL 9000-style sentient computer named Alice.

Black Signal challenges the humans for control of the planet earth!