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Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE to Benefit Elementz

On Saturday, August 8th an exciting event, Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE to Benefit Elementz will be taking place on the CincyMusic Facebook page starting at 4p! This event is designed to bring communities and families together and also to inform viewers about the good that Elementz brings to our community.

Lined up to perform Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE to Benefit Elementz are: Mark Anthony, Juan Cosby, Homemakers Bar, Apryl Reign, Strobobean, Patterns of Chaos (PoC), Daniel In Stereo, Knotts, AP Counterfeit, and Black Signal!

These are strange times for all of us. As we are adapting, we have to look for the helpers. Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE to Benefit Elementz is a way to provide entertainment while raising funds to benefit Elementz. Anything helps, please give what you can!

How to support Elementz:
 Link will also be provided during each set.

When: Saturday, August 8th
Time: 4p - 11p
Where: CincyMusic Facebook Page

Thrive Stream with CincyMusic LIVE to Benefit Elementz is brought to you by CincyMusic, Ladywood, Grrl + Weapon, and No Standing Only Dancing.

About Elementz:
Elementz is an urban oasis of hope and a catalyst of change for Cincinnati’s inner-city youth. What began as a way to get kids off the streets in 2001 has transformed into a thriving Urban Arts Center that fosters talent, ignites potential and inspires possibilities. Elementz helps build dreams, and brighter futures.

Our Vision for Cincinnati’s inner-city youth is “to be a catalyst of transformation for children in the urban core, enabling them to find their artistic voice, engage in community, learn to give back, and carve a path for a successful future.”

Elementz was founded and is supported by community stakeholders – from various ethnicities, backgrounds and careers – who believe in Cincinnati’s youth, and the power of music, poetry and art to positively impact our youth. Included are artists, teachers and mentors who encourage self-discovery, creative expression and individual passion. Because of wide community support, we give kids the respect and support they need to believe in themselves and in their community.

Elementz VALUES:

  • We treat all people with respect

  • We believe in the creative and leadership potential of youth

  • We encourage innovation to create programs of relevance to young people

  • We strive to create a culturally relevant environment that encourages a sense of family and personal validation

  • We value the use of hip hop culture as a way to encourage self expression, personal growth and improve student achievement.

  • We develop connections for our youth with credible, supportive adults who identify with the culture of our youth.

  • We believe in bringing young urban artists into the mainstream of arts and culture in Cincinnati