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Black Signal, Pilgrims of Yearning & Rachel Mousie at Northside Tavern

On Thursday, April 20th make plans to head out to Northside Tavern for a phenomenal night of art, sound, and vision. Black Signal, Pilgrims of Yearning, and Rachel Mousie are taking over NST for a night you will not forget anytime soon.

About Black Signal:
 Towering over the battlefield, still ablaze, beset by scorched earth, the riders enrage the sky. Barbaric whips of laser flame spray from their canons, taunting and commanding the machines below. Emerging over the vast wasteland, the endless, industrial forge, looms on the horizon. This is a world destroyed and rebuilt with machine. This is the death of humanity. The spark ignites. The robot army comes online.

 About Pilgrims of Yearning:
 Post-Punk/Dark/Alternative/Wave. We're a bunch of Latin American musicians keeping it dark in Boston, USA. Pilgrims of Yearning is: Claudio Marcio - Guitar, Bass & Drums, Juls Garat - Voice & Lyrics, and Sean Woodbury- Bass.

About Rachel Mousie:
 I like to sing and write songs. I play the keys and use a looping station to create live harmonies and hand percussion rhythms. Sometimes when I'm practicing my cat sits on my lap and gives me feedback in the form of cat sounds. Once I find a way to incorporate that I'll have it all figured out. I aim to make you feel something, whatever that may be.