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Black Signal, Kelly Eryn, and Hare Hunter Field at Fountain Square

Photo Cred: Undark Photography

Black Signal has pinpointed Fountain Square in Cincinnati for their next landing and is planning on destroying us with powerhouse aesthetic & immersive sound while creating an interactive experience. Are you ready?! They are bringing along Kelly Eryn and Hare Hunter Field for Indie Fridays Powered by CincyMusic at Fountain Square!

About Black Signal:
 Towering over the battlefield, still ablaze, beset by scorched earth, the riders enrage the sky. Barbaric whips of laser flame spray from their canons, taunting and commanding the machines below. Emerging over the vast wasteland, the endless, industrial forge, looms on the horizon. This is a world destroyed and rebuilt with machine. This is the death of humanity. The spark ignites. The robot army comes online.

Clad in leather and lights, Black Signal (2 time winner: Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Electronic Act) is a 2 piece, live cyberpunk/synthwave band. Synth and guitar mesh with digital drums as they navigate the stage of programmed lights and visual flair. Inspired by a love for retro video games and sci-fi movies, the live show is an interactive experience narrated through projected visuals with a HAL 9000 style sentient computer named Alice.

Black Signal challenges the humans for control of the planet earth!

About Kelly Eryn:
 At the age of 13, Kelly started crafting electronic music on her dad’s computer, using an MS DOS, 8-bit sampling sequencer. She began making sounds with anything she could get her hands on, and while learning to play drums, was producing an entire lo-fi industrial album in her bedroom.

By 22, she had played in numerous small, local bands, learned how to beat mix and scratch-up battle records, and was hosting a weekly EDM mix show in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

After releasing a few songs and remixes under the moniker of apoq79, Kelly took a break from music until she was called back to the throne as drummer, beat-maker, and synth player for the Cincinnati-based art-rock group, Phasmids, in 2015.

She would eventually take over as full-time keyboardist, mix and co-produce two of their releases, before embarking on another solo career in 2021 and learning to play the guitar.

This will be Eryn's first live concert performance, featuring a band she has assembled to support her in concert. The band features Harley Gifford (they/them) on guitar, Johnny Kathman (he/him, Tooth Lures a Fang, Mynah Tones) on bass, Jaki Howser (she/her, Madqueen) on drums, and Megan Claunch as backing vocalist.

About Hare Hunter Field:
 Hare Hunter Field is an Indie/Electronic project birthed from isolation and social distance. Centered in emotion and impulsiveness with the hope of relief and resolve

In the midst of a world where playing with one’s bandmates was not a possibility, Nick Barrows (JetLab, MacReady UK, Jack Burton Overdrive) began working in the basement, in the kitchen, and even on the couch. Alone and with no specific objective other than trying to work more on rhythms, the songs began to emerge and actually take some type of shape. A simple approach of plugging in and playing from Minilogue to concertina, the process would be mostly improvised, seething with anxiety that spans this intense and fiery time.

 Hare Hunter Field 7:00 - 7:40p
 Kelly Eryn 8:00 - 8:40p
 Black Signal 9:00 - 10:00p