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Black Signal Landing at Fountain Square

Photo Cred: Brandon Wheeler Photography

Black Signal are slated to land the Y3R-M0M spaceship for a show this Saturday at Fountain Square with Tooth Lures a Fang and Hare Hunter Field.

They are headed back to earth to knock out the human race with their sweet synth sounds and are bringing Eugenius with them. Be prepared for an out of this world show. Oh, and they are bringing their own hot sauce! Buy the hot sauce (I'm serious - buy the damn hot sauce).

 I was a bit terrified to meet up for an in-person interview in space, but thankfully was able to connect with SynthLord and LaserAxe of Black Signal prior to the show.

What can we expect from the show this Saturday?
Pathetic human, you can expect the COMPLETE ANNIHILATION of the human city of Cincinnati!

How has the past year been for Black Signal?
VICTORIOUS! We have been flying around on our spaceship, Y3R-M0M. Waging war against the humans, destroying the cities, enslaving the humans and harvesting the fleshy, delicious organs of our enemies!

Let’s talk hot sauce… who is qualified to ingest the hot sauce from those who plan to destroy the humans?
First off, we would like to say there is absolutely NO brainwashing serum in the hot sauce and therefore ALL HUMANS should eat the hot sauce because it is delicious. It will in NO way turn you into mindless, BLACK SIGNAL worshiping, fleshy organ harvesting, zombies and is therefore safe for all human consumption.

What is next for Black Signal?
Obviously, the complete and utter DESTRUCTION of the Humans!