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Andrew Hibbard

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Meet Andrew Hibbard, a young man that lives an honest life – the only way he knows. Humble beginnings in rural Ohio have shaped his view of the world. A soft-spoken individual, Andrew prefers to share his stories through song rather than speech. Andrew's talent has taken him all over the Cincinnati area, as well as on a national tour with My Brother the Bear, playing such notable festivals as Buckle Up, Whispering Beard Folk Festival, and Longstone StreetFest. Whether it's paying tribute to the classics like Bob Dylan or Chet Atkins, or his own craft that can match his musical mentors, Andrew Hibbard is sure to be a delight to any americana/folk fan's ears and a presence destined for placement in the splotlight – with humble regards, of course.

"I wish I could pick like that"

-Benjamin Luckhaupt, My Brother's Keeper

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